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Oscar Romero

No description

Madeleine Lang

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Oscar Romero

Oscar Romero
Oscar Romero
August 1917 - March 1980
Early life
Oscar Romero began his priestly life as a
He followed what everyone else was doing and did not question or challenge the status quo. At the time, the Governemnt of El Salvador and the wealthy upper class were pursuing a "war on the poor". El Salvador was full of violence and oppression.
Human Rights
When Romero's friend was murdered because of his work for social justice, Romero changed. His anger and bewilderment fuelled a personal transformation and Romero emerged as a champion for justice and human rights.
Champion for Social Justice
Romero was a powerful person and used his position as Archbishop to speak out for the oppressed and vulnerable.

He became a voice for the voiceless by challenging the unjust government of his country.
Aspire not to have more, but to be more." - Romero
Liberation Theology
Liberation = to set free
Theology = the study of religion
Liberation Theology aims to liberate people from oppression and poverty.

It is a belief that the church should work to free those oppressed by authoritative powers.
Types of Liberation Theology:
1. Latin American:
overcome poverty of Government oppression

2. African American:
speaks out about racism

3. Feminist:
voices opinions about gender discrimination
Aims of Liberation Theology
Be a voice
for the
Oscar Romero - Liberation Theologist
Oscar Romero was an advocate for liberation theology. He believed that the church should work for social justice and equality of the oppressed.

Romero was murdered in his home while saying mass. His death caused international outcry for reform in El Salvador.
"We know that every effort to better society, especially when injustice and sin are so ingrained, is an effort that God blesses us, that God wants, that God demands of us."
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