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Using iPads at Portland

No description

Pete Wells

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Using iPads at Portland

History of the iPad Released in April 2010
Sold 15,000,000 in 2010
Released iPad2 in March 2011
iPad3 with Retina Display March 2012
New iPad and the iPad Mini October 2013
Sales at over 100, 000, 000 currently Finding our way around... Simple design
Home Screen and home button
Volume Control & Lock
Two cameras
Multi-touch functionality
Apps, apps and more apps... iPads at Portland Features of the Device Super fast processor
2 Cameras and a Mic
eBook Reader
Full multimedia features
Photo Album
Word Processor
Apps Apps Apps Pathway 1 Apps Pathway 2 Apps Pathway 3 Some Cool Apps 'Instantly' downloadable programs
Often very cheap (69p)
Currently over 825,000!
Over 35 Billion downloads (Oct 2012) Vid Rhythm
Grid Planner
Treasure Hunt
Tap tap camera Why they are great TOOLS for SEN Very easy to use
It's like a git big switch!
Lots of SEN apps appearing (as well as loads of chuff!)
Lots of accessability options
Could replace much more expensive kit
Fairly robust
Highly motivational/desirable (so be careful!) I Love Fireworks
Silly Pianist
Falling Stars
Prank Mirror
Art of Glow
Books Books
Show Me
Scene and Heard
Peter Pan
Pocket Phonics/Letter School
Talking Characters
Sound Chase
Special Words
123 Stickers
Jungle Puzzles
Hoops Free Garage Band
Dragon Dictation
Pages The Future ? Have fun! Pete Wells pete.wells1@ntlworld.com
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