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OraStream - Challenging Convention

No description

OraStream Crew

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of OraStream - Challenging Convention

What We Do Features OraStream Challenging Convention Delivery Model We do things a little differently! In A Nutshell.. With Some Cool Benefits for Artists ... OraStream is a HD-music player and lossless music store with an integrated cloud locker. Use OraStream to acquire, manage and listen to music in HD-quality Share with fans and partners and stream your music - uninterruptedly and adaptively to quality of the network connection Promote your music via social media Publish your custom HD-music app and player widget Unlike other digital music formats, OraStream adapts to network bandwidth to stream up to lossless quality and continuous playback, even in “offline” situations. No Network Interruptions Besides the conventional way of downloading tracks onto a user’s computer, tracks are also streamed to users on demand in real-time No Large Music Downloads We believe in simplicity and convenience – to the extent of designing our apps with a compact digital footprint that will launch instantly.

You save the time used, in downloading music players, audio codecs and other plug-ins, for simply enjoying the music! No Messy Installations Unlike streaming music services, which music is only available for so long as you pay, access to your music is permanent and a one-time purchase; like buying a CD. Own Your Music Collection OraStream supports 24-bit audiophile quality source files.

Download and play high resolution music on audio systems. Stream and listen on mobile apps and web browsers Support for 24-bit Audiophile Quality We support Mac, Windows and Linux on the desktop through our HTML5-supported web browser player. Getting connected to your music has never been easier.

Because it is cloud-based, your music goes with you everywhere with our iOS and Android music apps. Cloud-based and Cross-Platforms Push tour and music updates to your fans Enable you to acquire, organise and hear music as close as possible to the way it was actually recorded whether you're on a PC or mobile device; at home, in the car or on-the- move.
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