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The Penny

No description

Angela Altazan

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of The Penny

Why we need the penny?
What is the Penny
The Debate of the Penny
Fast Facts!!!!!!
The Penny is made of only 3% copper and 97% zinc. Also the penny is the first cent that labeled our 16th President [ Abraham Lincoln ]. The penny is 1/100 of a Dollar.

A debate exists within the United States government, and American society at large, over whether the one-cent coin, commonly called the penny, should be eliminated as a unit of currency in the United States. Two bills introduced in the U.S. Congress would have ceased production of pennies, but neither bill was approved. Such a bill would leave the nickel, at five cents, as the lowest-value coin. On February 15, 2013, President Barack Obama stated his willingness to eliminate the penny.
By:Damarion Gaddis and Tanner Williams
The Penny Project
The penny is the most wanted coin in America right now. About 67% of people want to keep the penny, and the stores in America advance the prices to 0.04 cents to 0.99 cents witch will cost more than what you really need to pay without the penny.
Why the Penny is being Debated
The people of America are debateing the penny because the price is being doubled. To make the penny cheaper the government has shrinken it's size about 10%
The summery of this prezi is that people are making the cent/penny cost more than its face value. Me/damarion gaddis and my partner/tanner willams think that it dose not matter if the people of louisiana and Canada keep the penny and/or take away the penny. so we agree with both decision and/or opinion on the penny price.This is the reason of the prezi we put together.
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