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Prague Presentation

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Will Rice

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Prague Presentation

Local Form of Name: Ceska republika Prague, Czech Republic Thank You Facts: National Anthem: Kde domov muj? (Where is my home?)

Time Difference from Minnesota: +7 hours

Located in the Heart of Europe

The Czech Republic is almost entirely surrounded by mountains. Mountains mark a natural border with Germany and Poland. To get to Prague, go to:
MSP airport

It is a 13-16 hour direct flight via Czech Airlines

Land in Prague Václav Havel Airport

Get transported to wherever in Prague via Prague Public Transit Co. Movement Central European

South of the Baltic Sea Region Human-Environment Interaction Prague, Czech Republic is 4,603 miles away from Shakopee, MN (as the crow flies). The Charles Bridge's construction started in 1357 and ended at the beginning of the 15th century. It is named the "Charles" bridge because it was constructed under the rule of King Charles IV. The bridge is over the Vltava river, this made Prague an important trade route between eastern and western Europe. The St. Vitus Cathedral is the most important temple in Prague. Inside, the King and Queen's tomb is buried before the alter. Map of Europe N June 3rd, 2013 Capitol Key
City Average high is 55.5 degrees in Prague.

In Oldtown the roads are cobblestone so bike commuters have to ride mountain bikes instead of road bikes.

The Prague Astronomical Clock was first installed in
1410, making it the third oldest astronomical clock
in the world. Economy 8.6% unemployed (2012)
Stable Economy
Largest industry: auto
$90.18 Billion in debt (2012)
Exports: Germany 32.4%, Slovakia 9%, Poland 6.3%, France 5.5%, Austria 4.6%, UK 4.6%, Italy 4.2% (2011)
Exports: $134.1 billion (2012)
9% of population is in poverty Religion Roman Catholic 10.3%, Protestant (includes Czech Brethren and Hussite) 0.8%, other and unspecified 54.6%, none 34.2% (2011) Social Groups Czech 63.7%, Moravian 4.9%, Slovak 1.4%, other 30% (2011) Language Czech 95.4%, Slovak 1.6%, other 3% (2011), most of the population speaks Czech. Art Music is the most popular form of art in the Czech Republic and there is even a saying, "Co Čech, to muzikant", which means "Every Czech is a musician.The Czech Republic is known worldwide for glass and crystal artwork. History The Czechs lost their national independence to the Hapsburg Empire in 1620 but gained it back after 300 years and Czechoslovakia was formed.
On January 1st of 1993 Czechoslovakia split into Czech Republic and Slovakia. Government The Czech Republic is a Parlimentary Democracy. The Prime Minister is Petr Nečas. The Czech Republic joined the European Union in 2004, a member of the United Nations and World Trade Organization. Mluvím česky Have a great summer! Daily Life In the city of Prague, life is pretty dynamic. Soething is always going on (i.e., concerts, exhibitions etc.). Most people work Monday-Friday shifts. Then the partying and social life happens on Friday and Saturday nights. Also, religious people go to church on Sundays. Their daily life is , for the most part, like ours. Place By: Will Rice
6th Hour
Final Project
June 3rd, 2013
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