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Building a Brand People Trust

No description

Seattle Police Public Affairs

on 27 August 2016

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Transcript of Building a Brand People Trust

Is the Approach Working?
About SPD
Public Affairs
Engage with the Topical
Social Media as a Public Safety Tool
Each social channel serves a different audience
Building A Brand People Trust
Started SPD Blotter Blog in 2008
Launched Twitter and
Facebook in 2009
Our metrics say it's working...

External validation says it's working...

"Our police and public officials can help alleviate some of the burden that locals and reporters take on during breaking news situations. All they have to do is follow the lead of the Seattle Police Department. Its public affairs office released so much timely and important facts during the shooting at Seattle Pacific University on Thursday that I thought their Twitter might have been hacked by a crime reporter.
It turns out that one of the guys leading the SPD's social media operation is indeed a former crime reporter. "

- Huffington Post
"How Police Can Get Reporters To Stop Bugging The Hell Out Of Victimized Towns"

Most importantly , our audience says it's working...

Plus it's fun!

Be transparent and mean it!
General Police Work
And of course ...Body Worn Video
Why being transparent with public information is important...
Our philosophy:
"Official, not officious"
Make use of distribution channels to become your own news source.
Twitter Followers

The SPDBlotter accounts for 67% of all
traffic for all 25 city blogs combined.
is everyone's responsibility
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