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Getting in too Deep: Searching the deep web for business information

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Seth Porter

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Getting in too Deep: Searching the deep web for business information

Open source business information retrieval
Business information Retrieval (Basics)
InvisibleWeb: Material that can be, but is not included in search engine results. EG: new material added and not yet picked up.

Private Web: Sites intentionally excluded from search engine results. Ex: password protected

Subscriptions websites & databases: ESPN Insider, (Library Databases) Proquest databases, EbscoHost

The Dark web: An area of the web which information is hidden deep and anonymously.

Types of the deep web
"The deep Web may be a shadow land of untapped potential, but with a bit of skill and some luck, you can illuminate a lot of valuable information that many people worked to archive. On the dark Web, where people purposely hide information, they'd prefer it if you left the lights off.

The dark Web is a bit like the Web's id. It's private. It's anonymous. It's powerful. It unleashes human nature in all its forms, both good and bad.

The bad stuff, as always, gets most of the headlines. You can find illegal goods and activities of all kinds through the dark Web. That includes illicit drugs, child pornography, stolen credit card numbers, human trafficking, weapons, exotic animals, copyrighted media and anything else you can think of. Theoretically, you could even, say, hire a hit man to kill someone you don't like.

But you won't find this information with a Google search. These kinds of Web sites require you to use special software, such as The Onion Router, more commonly known as Tor.

Tor is software that installs into your browser and sets up the specific connections you need to access dark Web sites. Critically, Tor is an encrypted technology that helps people maintain anonymity online. It does this in part by routing connections through servers around the world, making them much harder to track." -How Stuff Works.com
How to get deeper
Quality content is 1,000 to 2,000 times greater than surface web

95% of Deep Web is accessible to public (no fees or subscription required)

What is it?
The deep web is the internet that has not been indexed by commercial search engines such as Google and Yahoo!. These search engines send out crawlers or spiders to index and catalog available web sites, but the vast majority of the internet, 500X the surface net, includes many of the best resources which are not indexed by these search engines. Such as:

-Unlinked pages: Spiders can’t find web pages that are not linked to others.
-Private intranets and web pages, password protected and more.
-Non HTML content: e.g., content rich, lots of different file type
-Library & Government Databases

Getting in too Deep: Searching the deep web for business information
UAH Salmon Library: Refined Researcher
Learning outcomes
The Dark web (Good & Bad)
Surface web user

Specialized Search Engines

Specialized Databases

Specific websites

Government Websites

The Surface Web VS the Deep Web

Business information retrieval basics

The best resources!


Wrap up

Company information is Precarious
A rumor on social media which is picked up by the wires can ruin a company. That is why knowing how and where to find and analyze company information is such a valuable tool
at the end of the company name to retrieve relevant financial information

to connect terms

Look to see if the company is the
Parent or subsidiary

Public VS Private
Private Companies
Information is much easier to find on public companies
and can be trusted more readily. Private companies reports can be exaggerations or outright lies
Secretary of States Website or if possible their offices are a great resource:

Articles of Incorporation
Exact name and mailing address of the company plus the name of its registered agent
In many states companies must also provide information such as the name (and sometimes home address) of each officer and director and his/her ownership of the company’s stock
10-K: Annual Report
10-Q: Quarterly Report
8-K: Extraordinary event (Merger etc)
Form DEF 14A: Proxy Statement (information about annual meeting and more including: Stock Ownership data (Owners with 5% or more are listed) and Director & Executive compensation)

Search Engines
Specific Websites
Government resources
Industry overviews
News & Social media
Small Business
Putting it all together
Use a research resources listed to find information on a company you are interested in

Search for a Company Report, 10-K, 10-Q, or industry overview
Contact information
Researchers will be able to define the deep web

Researchers will describe business research basics

Researchers will list business research tips or tricks

Researchers will list different invisible web research resources

Researchers will use the acquired business information retrieval methods to answer their queries

Open Directory: http://www.dmoz.org/Business/

Digital Librarian Business: http://www.digital-librarian.com/business.html

Biz Wiki: http://www.bizwiki.com/

Brookfield Library: http://www.brookfieldlibrary.org/research/research-by-subject/business

Akama: http://www.akama.com/

Biznar: http://biznar.com/biznar/

Deeperweb: http://deeperweb.com/

Quandl: https://www.quandl.com/

Info Mine Business: http://infomine.ucr.edu/cgi-bin/search?category=busecon

EDGAR: https://www.sec.gov/edgar/searchedgar/companysearch.html

Kompass: http://us.kompass.com/
Company history: http://www.answers.com/library/Company%20Histories

Harvard Business school case studies: http://hbsp.harvard.edu/product/cases

Annual Reports: http://www.areport.com/

Bizstats: http://www.bizstats.com/

RBA: http://www.rba.co.uk/sources/index.htm

Justia: http://virtualchase.justia.com/wiki/industry-research-and-resources

SEC Edgar: http://www.sec.gov/edgar.shtml#.VBiHOWMmWf4

BusinessUSA: http://business.usa.gov/

Factfinder: http://factfinder2.census.gov

GPO: http://catalog.gpo.gov/F

FDLP: http://www.gpo.gov/libraries/

Census: http://www.census.gov/

BLS: http://www.bls.gov/

Search: http://www.search.com/search

Newslink: http://www.newslink.org/index.html

Webwire: http://www.webwire.com/industries.asp

SimplyInfo: http://www.simply-info.co.uk/

Localtweeps: http://localtweeps.com/

Small Business research: http://www.llrx.com/columns/roundup29.htm

Secretary of State website: http://www.sos.alabama.gov/BusinessServices/BusinessEntities.aspx

Chamber of Commerce Directory: https://www.chamberofcommerce.com/chambers

GovScan: http://govscan.com/

State Agency Database: http://wikis.ala.org/godort/index.php/State_Agency_Databases

Govengine: http://www.govengine.com/

Thomasnet: http://www.thomasnet.com/
Current industrial reports: http://www.census.gov/manufacturing/cir/index.html

Industry Information: http://valuationresources.com/IndustryReport.htm

NAICS: http://www.census.gov/eos/www/naics/

SIC: https://www.osha.gov/pls/imis/sicsearch.html

RBA Industry: http://www.rba.co.uk/sources/industry.shtml

LOC Industry: http://www.loc.gov/rr/business/BERA/issue9/issue9_main.html

Industry Research: http://www.virtualpet.com/industry/howto/search.htm
Call us: (256)824-6529
Text us: (256) 286-2368
Chat with us: http://libanswers.uah.edu/
Seth Porter: Instructional & Reference Librarian
You might want to identify other companies in the same industry or with the same SIC / NAICS codes to determine their competitors and others in the same industry. If you gather several annual reports from the same industry, you can use them to construct an industry profile
Search using the Company
stock symbol or "Ticker"
Property Records

The real estate holdings of corporations, like those of individuals, are a matter of public record, usually at the county level. You will want to check the records of the Tax Assessor to see what properties are held in the company’s name, how much property tax is supposed to be paid on those properties and whether the payments have been made. You will also want to search at the office of the Recorder of Deeds to get copies of documents such as deeds, mortgages and tax liens. Note that the names of these offices will vary in different place
Yahoo! Finance can be a great source for company financial data.
Another source of information on small business are their creditors or Uniform Commercial Code filings (UCCs) or Liens
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