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Copy of Bayonne Packaging

No description

Satish Ravulapalli

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Bayonne Packaging

Bayonne Packaging
Mara Danskin, Sai Rayanapati, & Satish Ravulapalli
BUSM 5463
Northwest University

Bayonne is a packaging company.
Est. 1963 by current president’s father located in NJ.
Specialized in complex-design and innovative packaging of goods.
Company experienced loss for the first time in 20 years with 7.2%.in October 2011
This loss forced CEO (Rand) to Fire the current VP and appoint Millikan to analyze and take the appropriate action on fixing the issues.
Information Flow & Production Control
Information Flow was failing across the board among all the teams.
Failed to create a channel to track the workflow of each and every order
Firm never faced issues with shortage on raw material inventory
Good Production Control with effective Inventory management.

major stakeholders
Stakeholders behaviour
New changes
In Conclusion
Business & Operational Challenges
Quality: Low Quality due to bad Folding and Gluing (F&G)
Delivery: Failed to deliver the order on time due to lack of coordination in teams
Cost: Increased the capital amount invested by Bayonne on the packaging with lot reworks and cancelations due to bad F & G
Randomization in Work orders due to ganging by die-cut department.
Quality reduction due to usage of unclean machinery used by F & G department.
Partial deliveries and rework on defected packages will make the firm to run in losses.

Impact of Diverse Customer Requirements
Recommendations for Improvement
Address the corporate culture
Implement a vision statement
Rotate departments
Weekly check in
On Time Delivery
Better inspection system
Outsourcing maintenance
Regular schedule maintenance
Spend now to save later
Tracking System
External Stakeholders
Bobst-Die cut mchines
International Queen Fold &
Glue machine
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