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Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to everyone! I hope that everyone's day is filled with love and joy.

Anika Padha

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!
My mom has always been the one to comfort me when I have fallen down or just needed someone there.
The things I love about her:
1. Her smile
2.Her personality
3. The way she lightens up the room when she walks in
4. How calm she is
5. How strong she is
6. The fact that she is my mother
(Note: If I actually were to name all the things I love about my my mom, I would keep on telling you things I love about her until the world would end)
Look at how hard she works.
Happy Mothers Day!
My name is Anika Padha, I am 11 years old. I am the daughter of Sarita Tina Sharma, aka Supermom.
Lastly, she loves us for who we are
I love her more than anything in the world.
That is what I feel about her
She has worked so hard to become where she is at.
We love you!
In conclusion, I would like to say that I have the best mother in the world and that I hope that she has the best mothers day ever!
My mom is the best because she is nice, sweet, caring and loving. She is an amazing person and I am very thankful for having her here. My mom influences me to become a better person.
Why I think my mom is the best
My mom is a remarkable person. She has many many qualities that make a likeable person, that is why she is my best friend. She always listens to me when I need someone to just listen to my feelings, she always gives me advice that helps me.
Why I love her so much
My mom sacrifices so many things just so that we (Saumya, Arjun and me) can have a good life. Lots of my friends tell me how their parents are going on cruises and dates and things like that. I see my mom working so just so that all 3 of us can be happy. My mom does not have that much of a social life (she deserves too, but she doesn't)...by that I mean she does not go to the movies, she does not hang out with her friends that much, go to parties, and go to spas and things like that. She sacrifices her social life so that we can go swimming and be on the swim team, so that we can be in piano, and so that we can have a healthy, and happy life.
Why she is the best mom in the world
How thankful am I to have her as my mother?
Without my mom, I literally do not think that I would be alive, living and breathing this very second. She influences me in almost every decision I make. She helps me make the right choices. Although sometimes I do get annoyed when she tells me to study or to do better on something, at the end I always realize that she is only trying to help me, not her. She tells me to do better because she believes I can, and she only does it so that I can become a better person. Having her as my mother is the greatest gift in the world that I have received, and nothing can top it.
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