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Hero's Journey

No description

Morganne Penney

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Hero's Journey

Hero's Journey
The Outsiders By Morganne Penney And Anna Saing Departure Departure is the first stage of the hero's journey. Within the departure stage is the call to adventure, refusal to the call and the beginning of the adventure. Call to adventure Refusal of the Call The refusal of the call was when they were sitting at the park thinking about ways they could stay. Beginning of the adventure The beginning of the adventure was when they ran away by getting on a train with all the stuff Dally gave him. The call to adventure in the Outsiders was when Johnny killed Bob and he and Pony needed to run away. Points where the person crosses into the field of adventure, leaving unknown limits of his/hers world, ventures into unknown and danger. Point in persons life when he/she is first given notice that everything is going to change, whether he/she knows it or not. Often hero's refuses to answers call. May be for many reasons (Fear, Insecurity, etc.) to hold person in current situation. Initiation Initiation is the second part of the hero's journey. In this stage there's The road of trials, unconditional love and The Ultimate Boon. Road of trial Series of tasks, test, ordeals that the person must undergo to begin the change. Often person fails one or more of these tests that often occurs in threes. They went to the abandoned church and figure out what they were going to do. Unconditional Love At this point in the adventure the person experiences an all powerful, all encompassing, unconditional love. Ultimate Boon Achievements of the goal of the quest. What the person went on the journey to get. Previous steps prepare person for this step. The ultimate boon in the Outsiders was when Johnny told Pony about the poem he heard. Unconditional love would be when Johnny and Pony were staying in the church, because they had unconditional love for each other. Return This is the third and final step in the hero's journey. In this step you have refusal of the return, magic flight, rescue from without, and crossing or return threshold. Refusal of the return When the goal is of the adventure is complete the hero may refuse to return with the boon or gift. The refusal of the return was when Darry gave Pony the letter from Soda saying how he should come back and he said he wasn't coming back. The Magic Flight May involve an escape with the boon or gift. Can be as dangerous and adventurous as the journey was to go on. The magic flight was when they decided they were going to turn themselves in and go home. Rescue from Without Hero may need guides or rescuers to bring him/her back to everyday life. May not realize time to return or that others need his/her boon. The rescue from without would be when someone called the ambulance for them and got them to the hospital after getting out of the burning building. Crossing or Return Threshold Trick to keep wisdom gained, integrate wisdom into a human life, and maybe figure out how to share wisdom with the rest of the world. The crossing or return threshold would be when Pony wrote the paper about everything that happened for a report.
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