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How to sell Cserpes-Products in America

Task for Bridge Budapest Fellowship Program 2nd round

Thomas Meszaros

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of How to sell Cserpes-Products in America

Got milk? Distribution channels The targeted consumers U.S. is the land of opportunities and the land of milk Grocery stores? middle class

well educated

health conscious

lives in metropolitan area

urban lifestyle Hogy lehet a Cserpes-termékeket sikeresen eladni az Egyesült Államokban?
How to sell Cserpes-products in America? by Thomas Richard Mészáros Land of 9 million dairy cows Land of more than 50000 dairy farms More than 90 % is family owned Cserpes needs milk to enter the market It should come from the U.S. to be fresh Cserpes would buy and process milk from local farmers, to create healthy, natural, handcrafted fresh dairy products, which are tasty and do not contain any preservatives, additives, or genetically modified organisms Big grocery store chains? "Cserpes is a brand, which does not belong to supermarkets" - István Cserpes Fresh products have short shelf life Price war is not beneficial for high quality products Small margin on products Own Branded Shops/Stores Sell dairy based products and complements "from
the region to the region" Own stores? Milk based beverages / other drinks Coffee Why should sell coffee? More than 100 millions of people drinks coffee in the U.S. Shake Smoothies Cocoa Old fashioned lemonade Tea To reach customers, who would otherwise go into a coffee place like Starbucks or McCafe Healthy food and snack "Milk Monday for Mums" Offer special menu and combos Free cup of milk for children with the purchase of 5 $ or more Super Sandwich Saturdays Buy one get another one half price "Coffee break" Large coffee and pastry special "Tweet your favorites Thursdays" Tweet your favorite and we draw a gift voucher for two person meal Check in on Facebook or Foursquare on Friday Check in after a long week with 4 of your friends and receive a freshly made cheesecake Lunch special Gourmet salad with your choice of beverage Drawbacks The entry strategy open few stores close to milk producing farms,
and heavy coffee drinker area Close to Grand Central (New York) open shops in downtown, at heavily crowded places Possible locations in NYC Close to Grand Central Terminal At least 500000 people pass by everyday Annual rent is about about 200 $/square foot Annual revenue is at least 1000 $/square foot Close to Financial district Columbus circle Good alternatives What is working in Hungary, probably would not work in the U.S. Later on open stores in a franchise system Potential competitors Coffee Sandwiches A local manufacturer
with traditional
European flavor Own business would generate higher profit, than selling products in grocery chains Pastries Cserpes Stores offer wider
selection of healthy beverages
and drinks * I asked the baristas at Cserpes Milkbar, and they said that among foreigners the most popular products were the menus Just imagine if only 1 % of these people stop at the milkbar and purchase dairy products for 5 bucks. Rough estimation It means at least 5000 customers and at least $25000 revenue per day. Pricing should be based on competitors To make it a real experience... Develop application to have
fun and share information on
dairy products "Cserpes farming" A mobile application, where you can raise
cows, milk the cows, and run a company You can follow the processing of dairy products and play as a manager Based on the success of Farmville Sum up Using local American milk
form local farmers, with
European tradition Open own stores (milk bars) in
crowded urban spaces Sell high quality organic dairy products, beverages, coffee with wide selection of food and snacks To health conscious, middle class
urban population Create an application to combine fun and learning
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