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Romeo and Juliet's Wedding

English project for the end of Romeo and Juliet

Serena .

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet's Wedding

By Serena Nichol
Block C The Wedding The Guest List Fashion and Food Music and Games Wedding Speech Mercutio
Lady Capulet
Lady Montague
The Prince
Peter For fashion, everyone should be dressed in their finest clothes and jewels. This wedding is a very formal wedding, and the prince will be attending, so all must dress in accordance. No one should wear white except the bride. The ladies should wear long ball gowns that cover their ankles and are not too flashy, because when people stand out too much, remarks will be made, and this could result in a fight. For the men, the same rules apply about colours and how much they stand out. All should dress appropriately to the occasion, and not wear rude or inappropriate clothing. Do not wear anything that could offend anybody.

Blue Danube Waltz by John Strauss II
Pathetique Sonata- III Rondo by Beethoven
Vienna Blood Waltz by John Strauss II
Waltz No 9. Adieu by Chopin
Adiago (from Winter) by Vivaldi
Waltz of the Flowers by Tchaikovsky
Kaiserwalzer by Andre Rieu
Winter Waltz by Jim Brickman Mercutio has been chosen to do the wedding speech because he is Romeo's closest friend. He was there when Romeo met Juliet, and so it is fitting. For the seating I would try to put Capulet Members all at the same tables and Montague members at the same tables. Their servants can sit in each their own tables and other non-conflicting friends and acquaintances can sit at a group of tables near the center. Front Capulet Capulet Capulet
Servants Friends Friends Montague
Servants Montague Montague Conversation topics to be considered are weather, town happenings, events, etc.
Topics such as sports and politics should be discouraged because strong different opinions can occur and there is the possibility of a fight breaking out. Examples of appropriate clothing: For food, there will be a large buffet-style dinner, and dessert.
Dinner will include these dishes:
Venison, Eels in Sauce, Stuffed Roast Chicken, Various Meat Pies, Smoked Salmon, Frumenty, Fried Rabbit, Salted Bream, Minced Veal, Pasties, Hard-Boiled Eggs, Meat Tile, Beef Marrow, Loach, and Darioles.

Dessert will include Spiced Wine, Stepony, Clouted Cream, Rice Pudding, Comfits, Wafers, Sugar Plate, Raspberry Fool, and Sillibub. Bride and Groom Outfit Designs For entertainment, dances are a good idea as they promote mingling between the two families and are a good form of entertainment. For dance music, many of the waltzes listed will be suitable. Also, the Basse Danse selection of songs are good for this occasion.

Games such as One and Thirty (Blackjack), Shovelboard (Shuffleboard), and Archery contests will prove entertaining. Another good form of entertainment is putting on a play. Getting the the guests to act out their favourite plays is a good pastime.

Sports like fencing and other rough sports are discouraged because the two families can go too far and violence can occur. A popular game was skittles, which is like a form of bowling, but with nine pins. There were also more rules and ways to change this game. For example, there were goals to knock down certain pins, or throw the ball a certain way.
Some parts to the game were: front pin first, and nomination.

One variation of the game is called Killer

Each player starts with 3 lives. They bowl one ball at a time. The first bowls at a full frame and the skittles are not stuck up until all nine are hit down. Each time a player fails to hit a single pin (but they can hit as many as they like), he or she loses a life. The winner is the last one left with a life intact. This game is usually played for money. The winner of the game takes all. Thank you for watching! Hello everyone, my name is Mercutio and I am Romeo’s best man. I have known Romeo since we were kids. Thank you for all coming together to celebrate the wedding of Romeo and Juliet.
There are many things that come to mind when I think of Romeo, for example, his uncanny ability to try and make the best of a situation. I remember when we were younger; Romeo thought it would be a good idea to climb the tallest tree in his backyard. The poor boy got scared when a spider crawled up his arm and he fell. He broke his arm. Instead of crying like most children would have done, Romeo just got up and told me it was worth it to have made it to the top of the tree. For the next month all he told anybody was how he climbed that tree and showed off his injury.
Another thing about Romeo is the way he sticks to an idea. When he was down because a certain someone didn’t love him back, we tried to convince him to let it go, but he would only stick to his guts and say she was the only one. That changed once he met his beautiful Miss Juliet here, of course, but the point is, once he makes a plan, he sticks to it. How else do you think this wonderful couple would be getting married today? And let’s not forget about Juliet here. She sticks to her guts too. When her dad told her she had to marry someone other than Romeo, she remained faithful to him and refused to marry the other man. This couple has well earned this wedding.
I thank you all again for coming today to celebrate this wedding. I would like to finish off with a toast. Raise your glasses to the festivities of today and to the wonderful bride Juliet Capulet. A toast to the couple! Minuet in Eb Major by Beethoven
Waltz Tempo: Languidamente by William Alwyn
Basse Danse a la Brosse by Pierre Attaignant
Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven
Bagatelles Op. 126 Andante Con Moto By Beethoven
Air in G by Bach
Claire de Lune by C. Debussy
Dance of the Roma by F.J. Haydn Music Playlist
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