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A Rupee Earned

No description

Joseph Ata

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of A Rupee Earned

By: Joseph, Krista & Luke
A Rupee Earned
Plot & Summary
Narrative point
of view
Analyzing the Son
This short story takes place in Northern India, in a small village near the Himalayas
Father lives a very tough life, working to put food on the table for his family
Father builds some wealth, but gets to an old age and cannot work the hard hours anymore
Offers son the option to accept the wealth, IF HE EARNS ONE RUPEE
1 Rupee is equal to 2 Cents in Canada....16 Annas is equal to 1 Rupee
Currency: Rupee (S) and Anna(S)
Religion: Hinduism
Rising Action
Day 1
Mother gives the son a rupee and he continues being lazy
Spends the day in the mountain watching the birds
Gives the Rupee to his father and the father throws the money in the fire
Day 2
Mother told him to rest all day in the mountains and run a mile before he sees his father
Goes to see is father dripping in sweat
Father throws the money in the fire and asks why his son is deceiving him
The Next Week
Mother tells her son he actually has to work and earn one or two Anna (S) a day to get the Rupee
The families money was being wanted in the fire
The son worked for an entire week
Meeting with the father
The father views the money in the fire
However the son dives for the money in the fire because he feels passionate towards his work
After this action the father now believes he earned the money
Falling Action
Recovering of the Money
The son recover the money
The father now believes the son worked for the money and the son will receive the inheritance
The Fathers Lesson
"Someone else`s money you do not care about-that is cheap. But money you earn by your own labor- ah, that you a big fuss over! So is it my son . Remember my words: As long as you wor, another person`s money cannot help you, for someone else`s Rupee is worth one Anaa"---Father
Person vs. Person
Son vs Father
Son wants the inheritance from his father, however the father wants the son to work
Person vs. Society
Mother has to go against the culture of protectiveness towards sons
Person vs. Nature
The son goes against his genetic makeup of being lazy
Person vs. God
In Hinduism, it is expected that the parents give their wealth to their children. However the father goes against this ideology by challenging his inheritance to his son.
Person vs. Self
The son challenges himself in the story because she is lazy. This interferes with his family inheritance.
-Story is told in third person omniscient
-Does not
say I
-Knows all characters thoughts
-Starts with
once upon
a time
All he does is eat sleep and drink
Lies to his father many times
Relies on parents for everything in life
Theme of the story
"You don't know something
until it's your own"
-Boy didn't fully understand value

-Father throwing into
fire gave him feeling
and Irony
"The youth was so lazy he did not want to bother himself even that much, but he knew that something had to be done. So he took his mother's rupee, and with a bit of bread and cheese and a leather bag of wine, he went off into the mountains. All day long he ate and drank and counted the birds in the sky."

-Too lazy to work, but not to count birds

-Example of situational irony
-Foreshadowing occurs in the beginning

"In all twenty years of his life he had not earned a single Anna, and he never gave a thought to the fact that he was living on his fathers bread"

-He must receive Anna's to acquire rupee

-Foreshadows how he earns his rupee-by earning Anna's
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