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1st Day Procedures (Julie Wagner-Teartt)

All the items needed to be covered on the first day of school.

Julie Wagner

on 7 August 2012

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Transcript of 1st Day Procedures (Julie Wagner-Teartt)

Double click anywhere & add an idea RHS 1st Day Checklist MRS. WAGNER-TEARTT

Algebra 2 Honors
Trig/Analyt Geometry
Algebra 2 BELL SCHEDULE Is located in the front of the room
and at the back of the room.

We now have 3 lunches so EVERYONE
is required to attend 4th period first before
going to lunch.
YES!! even if you have 1st lunch!!! FIRE and EMERGENCY EXITS Posted at the entry door and behind the teachers desk. ATTENDANCE You are allowed 9 unexcused
absences per semester. After 9 days, you FA for the semester. You only have 10 days to get a
note in or it will be unexcused. EXCUSED Absences:
Dr note, athlete activities, field trips,
college visits, funerals Now is located in the DEANS OFFICE Notes must be taken to the front office BEFORE or
AFTER school or during LUNCH. NOT DURING SCHOOL. CHECKOUT Now located in the DEANS OFFICE Sick students must checkout
through the clinic. Cell phones MAY NOT be used to checkout. Tardy to school, head to
the front office. To class, the teacher records it
and follows the discipline ladder. TARDY Students must park in assigned spots, exit
the car and immediately head to the school area. No students allowed in the parking
lot during the school day unless
given permission by an administrator. Warning
Detention / Phone Call
Spaghetti straps, midriffs, low cut tops MALES: NO
wife beaters, low sagging pants EVERYONE: NO
headgear, facial piercings, electronics STUDENT PLANNERS Reasons to use it:
1. Write down your HW assignments
and important dates
2. Read and learn the rules &
guidelines of the school
3. Use it as a calendar. Will be passed out 3rd period. Your lunch depends on your 4th period teacher.
For today, EVERYONE will go to 4th period
before lunch. Even those with first lunch. MS. WAGNER's
RULES & PROCEDURES Class Rules: 1. Punctual
2. Prepared
3. Show ALL work
4. All work completed in pencil.
5. Stay seated til the bell rings.
6. Cheating/Copying = 0 Materials Needed: 1. 3 Ring binder or folder with the
three prongs
2. Paper/Pencil/Calculator/Textbook
3. RHS Planner Electronics
Discipline 1. This is your warning!!!

2. Detention

3. Referral Extra Help &
Make-Up Work Tues & Thurs from
8:00 - 8:35 am Tues afternoon from
3:35 - 4:15 pm Make-up Deadlines or a 0:
Quiz/Test - 5 school days
Homework - 3 school days Cheating/Copying

will result in a Results in a EDLINE


EDLINE Check for:
Progress Reports
Reviews for Quizzes
Reviews for Tests
Important Dates
Parent Letter
Scanned Notes/HW
Copy of Textbook
Lecture Videos Extra Credit is offered a few times each
semester but something that's always extra
credit are the Make sure to watch the lecture videos on Edline.
If you don't have internet access, go to a friends house, library, or my room before , during lunch, or after school to watch the videos. Syllabus
Parent Letter
Retake/HW Passes
Student Grade Sheet
HW Video Lectures And placed in your binder
ASAP Need to use the Restroom? You must get the passbook from the front and fill it out COMPLETELY. When you return, fill in the time and place it back where you got it. I hope you have enjoyed this presentation!! QUESTIONS ANYONE?? RAIDER PRIDE Need to contact me? Wagner.julie@brevardschools.org
phone: 636-3711 x262 Will be enforced!! HW/Retake Passes You can print them only once
You need to use them or you
loose them I do not accept late work unless
the HW pass is used. Using a HW QUIZ pass allows HW
to be 1 school day late and still be able
to receive full credit. GRADING POLICY Trig/Analyt Geom HW QUIZ: 10 points
Algebra 2 Honors HW QUIZ: 10 points
Algebra 2 Collected HW: 15 points CW Activities: varies 15-30 points Quizzes: 50 points

Tests: 100 points All assignments are posted on EDLINE under syllabus. If you were absent, check the syllabus to see what was missed. Oh Yeah:
A couple of things I forgot
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