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No description

Emily Meer

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Propaganda

PROPAGANDA BANDWAGON TESTIMONIAL TRANSFER HEART TUGGING REPETITION GLITTERING GENERALITY NAME CALLING PLAIN FOLKS FLAG WAVING EDITORIALIZING SEX FOR SALE This advertisement of Camel SNU is a good example of editorializing. The advertisement is mainly made up of what the product is, but there is a good size portion dedicated to warning consumers of the side effects. This is done in order to bring more awareness to the negatives of the product and reduce disease. The eagle symbol for American Eagle is an example for transfer because it represents teen spirit and style in America. Teens look for shops that bring in stylish clothing, and the eagle is a positive symbol that represents this. It also is a symbol for patriotism, which is positive. This is a perfect example for an advertisement utilizing the sex for sale method. H&M has placed a hot woman in the ad wearing a skimpy bikini in order to promote their summer clothing line. This appeals to women because they want to look the same way the model does, while men are attracted to it because they want their girlfriend/fiance/spouse be as sexy as the model. This ad is the epitome of flag-waving. It radiates with a sense of patriotism and causes men and woman to feel pride for their country. By looking at this, people feel like they are responsible for the protection of their country and will consider joining Uncle Sam's recruits. By Taylor Swift appearing on this Cover Girl advertisement, she is supporting the product; therefore, enforcing a testimonial technique. Her beauty and use of the product will bring in a whole new group of people who listen to her music. She is on of the many famous spokeswomen paid to promote the product. This Head On ad is a good example of repetition. In the commercials, the phrase "Head ON, apply directly to the forehead is repeated over and over again until it is ingrained into your head. This way, the product will always be easily remembered. Bandwagon is demonstrated in this GOGO advertisement where is says, "Customers are waiting." This makes people think that their is so popular, they cannot take everybody at one time. The idea is to have people believe that they need to get in line because must be good if their are people waiting to obtain it. A little push is added when they state, "Get moving with GOGO!" The ordinary guy in this advertisement is part of a propaganda technique called plain folks. The man in this picture and the dog at his side are not famous or anybody special. They are just used to appeal to the average Joe. If this guy looks happy with the jeans so it sends a message that everybody similar to him will have the same experience. By saying, "So easy a caveman can do it," Geico is sugar coating their product. This method is called glittering generality. The idea is to appeal to people by describing to them how easy and painless applying for their insurance would be. A caveman is considered to be less knowledgeable than us; therefore, the process should be easy. This is an example of name calling because Obama is mocking what Romney once said in order to make him look bad. As November 1st approaches, both presidential candidates are uncovering mistakes and undesirable traits in order to put a negative spin on their reputations. Obama approved a sign saying, "Get real," which is a strong statement that will have people questioning his tactics. St. Jude is one of the many organizations that utilize heart tugging, or emotional, advertising in order to gain donations. In the picture, and in commercials, bald, cancer fighting children appear with words such as "Help him Live," or a testimonial from a celebrity asking for donations. The sick children make people feel bad, and they will send money in order to help cancer research. By: Emily Meer
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