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En Vogue

Kick ass presentation

Abigail Dry

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of En Vogue

Abigail Dry
History of En Vogue
Barbara Tagua
Mission Statement/Outreach
Cody Castro
Dolce & Gabbana
Ray Scheer
Fashion has been around for as long as human consciousness has just because our choices in what we wear along with what we are ALLOWED to wear is ever changing.

The history of fashion is usually categorized from post WWII up until today. Every decade has a specific trend that makes that decade known.

People in the 1700’s would look at magazines to find the latest fashion trends.
Why do we wear what we do?

Take the stereotypical high school for example. You have your goths, preps, jocks, nerds, etc. and they all fit into a type.

Everyone from musicians - take everyone dressing like Elvis in the 50’s - to political figures and even royalty - for example, Princess Diana and Duchess Kate.

Fun fact: French King Louis XVI said that fashion is a mirror. Louis was known to dress extravagantly and spend a lot of time on velvet and lace.
How long has fashion been around?
Michael Kors
History of Fashion
So who dictates fashion?
Fashion dictates who you are on a societal level.
Some of our top competitors
Michael Kors

Suits & Blazers
Shirts, Jackets & Coats
Fleecewear, Denim
Pants, Knitwear
T-shirts, Leather
gym T-shirt/sweatshirts/trousers
handbags, Shoes, Belts
Small leather goods
Sneakers, bijoux
Other accessories

Suits & Blazer, Shirts
Jackets & Coats
Denim, Pants, Knitwear
Skirts, T-shirts, Tops
Dresses, Leather, Handbags
Shoes, Belts
Other accessories
Sneakers, Small leather goods
Long Island native
Luxury sportswear
Launched in 1981
High-end fashion
The Michael Kors luxury collection and the MICHAEL Michael Kors accessible luxury collection
Women's apparel, men's apparel, shoes, bags, watches and jewelry, accessories, fragrance and beauty
Dresses range from $120 (MICHAEL Michael Kors) to $4,000 (Michael Kors)
Handbags depending on style and material up to $3,000
Shoes depending on style and material up to $1,000
History of En Vogue
Four colleagues with a very high interest in fashion wanted to come up with a line to not only express their creativity, but to give back to their local community. Abby, Barbara, Cody, and Ray wanted to come up with a high-end fashion line to compete with the likes of our top competitors. You hear about their clothes and the image that comes with these name brands but you never hear about how they use all the money that comes with this certain image.

Based in New York City, the four talented students wanted a brand name that people would desire. Naturally, that’s where we got our logo, ENV. We want people to be envious of our clothes and the image they create. From ENV, En Vogue developed for a more formal couture name. With our brand you will always be one step ahead in the fashion world, making people envy your look.

Our line had been in the works for years before finally taking off in 2010. Working our marketing and PR skills, we got style bloggers to recognize our work and get our name noticeable. We never could have imagined the success we have since then achieved. We have been asked to design looks for events such as the Oscars, for very well known entertainers. Currently, Beyonce & Jay-Z represent us for the North American market and David & Victoria Beckham represent us for the European market. ENV would love to be known as a reliable brand always making you feel your best, and of course, be the center of everyone’s “green eyes.”

ENV Advertising
ENV Community Outreach
Mission Statement

-En Vogue (herein also referred to as “ENV”, “ENV Couture”, and/or “EnVogue”) is a dedicated to making luxury, high end clothing, and accessories. We strive to make our name known universally and to make our brand the best that it can be. We give back to the community and make sure that our community knows how much we actually care.

ENV is dedicated to making the world a better place. For every item bought through our online store, a forth of the proceeds go to a charity of your choosing. ENV works closely with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), St. Jude’s Research Hospital, American Cancer Society, Make a Wish Foundation, Disabled American Veterans, Livestrong, and many others. Upon checking out of our online store you can personally choose which foundation gets the donation. Want to give a little more? Our optional button allows to give a little extra of your choosing to whichever foundation(s) you want.

Along with our great online choices, En Vogue also gives away 2 million dollars annually to multiple charities around the globe. We strive to make the world a better place so that we can be around a little longer to enjoy wonderful clothes. So help us, help the world. Donate today.
Burberry has over 500 stores in over 50 countries
Headquarters is located Horseferry House, just behind the Houses of Parliament, Westminster, UK
Burberry maintains only two production facilities in Great Britain, one in Castleford producing raincoats, and a smaller one in Keighley


Men’s apparel
Women’s apparel
Children’s apparel
Men’s fragrance
Women’s fragrance
Men’s accessories
Women’s accessories
Children’s accessories
Discount coupons
Burberry apps
Social media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pintrest, Instagram, Google+
Other Media

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ENVCouture

Tumblr: http://envcouture.tumblr.com/

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/EnVogueCouture/

Website: http://envogue.dunked.com/
Children's Apparel
Based in NYC
Stores world-wide in 74 countries
Store locator to easily find one near you
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