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battery powered/ hybrid gas model auto lawn care

Tyler Oliver

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Lawnomatic

Lawn-O-Matic Tyler Oliver
Zach Schoenborn 200K for 30% -Consumers spend over 37.9 billion a year on lawn care
-Average 20gal per household a year to cut turf
-$450 per household average
-1 in 3 people hire expensive lawn care services

We offer relief from, but not limited to:

-The hassle of putting time aside for lawn care
-The financial pain of hiring lawn care services -The worry of potential hazards that come with mowing the lawn The design -Fully electric and automated
-Grid run
-Obstacle avoidance system
-Frontal displacement
-Perimeter heat sensor
-360* on a dime turn radius
-Optional manual input

Competitions best price: $1600
Projected price per unit: $700
Projected cost per unit: $200
Money back with sale of 400 units! 250k current personal investment Invest?
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