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Peer Pressure

6th Grade

Tracy Morris

on 31 October 2016

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Transcript of Peer Pressure

Marble Madness
Marble Madness
Marble Madness
Marble Madness
A Lesson in Peer Pressure
1. Look at the jar of marbles. Estimate the number of marbles in the jar. Write your guess on the piece of paper next to #1 (My Personal Guess). Do not share your guess with anyone. Fold your paper down to #2.

2. Get with a partner and make a second guess. You must agree what your guess will be. Write this guess next to #2.

3. Now make a guess as a table group. Together you will agree on one guess. Write your guess next to #3.
4. Now we will split the class in half. As a group you make a guess as to how many marbles are in the jar. Put this guess next to #4

5. Now we'll and vote to make ONE guess as a class. Write this guess next to #5.

6. Use the ALL the information you gained to make one last individual guess. Write that number next to #6. Circle numbers 1 and
The amount of marbles in the jar is...
1. Look at numbers 1 and 6. Did you change your mind? Who influenced you and why?

2. Was it easier to guess by yourself or with a group? Explain why.

3. What does this activity say about making decisions with friends or in a group?
Group decision making is more difficult than making a decision on your own.
It can take quite a long time
Not everyone will be happy with the choice
Is that what you noticed?
Peer Pressure
Sometimes we listen to peer pressure without even knowing it. Peers may influence decisions including:
Way we dress
Way we treat people
Music we listen to
Peer Pressure - What is it?

You learn something positive from someone or they learn from you:
a classmate teaches an easy way to remember a math fact
someone on your soccer team shows you a cool trick with the ball
admiring a friend who is kind to everyone and trying to be the same way
telling others about your new favorite book and now everyone is reading it
Positive Peer Pressure
Negative Peer Pressure
Copying, mimicking or going along with a negative behavior:
stealing something from a store
being mean to another kid
not letting people play or sit by you
cheating on a test
writing on the bathroom wall

Later, in middle and high school, friends might try and get you to drink alcohol or do drugs
What Can You Do to Avoid Negative
Peer Pressure?
Walk away
Say NO!
Suggest a better idea
Choose the right friends
Be confident in yourself
Make an excuse
DECIDE ahead of time
Find your natural high
What are you passionate about?
YOURS is the only vote that counts!
What's Your Natural High?
Find your Natural High
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