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OSS July 2010

Prototyping Participatory Science Presentation for Open Science Summit, July 2010

Raymond McCauley

on 2 January 2011

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Transcript of OSS July 2010

Participatory Science for Open Science Summit
30 July 2010 Raymond McCauley
Research Fellow, DIYgenomics.org
twitter: @raymondmccauley
raymond@raymondmccauley.net Raymond McCauley biochemistry
electrical engineering
computer science bioinformatics
nanotechnology Sr. Scientist
Sequencing R&D
Gene Expression Applications

Current Research:
Non-Coding RNA
Cancer Sequencing microarrays sequencing diagnostics Questions?

Thank you for your attention Zooming Presentation Software prezi.com

Peter Arvai
Adam Somlai-Fischer (alternative from Microsoft Labs: pptPlex) DISCLAIMER These are my my opinions and are not intended to reflect the views of any group or organization with which I may be affiliated. Raymond McCauley
DIYgenomics, Research Fellow
raymond@raymondmccauley.net Exponential Biosciences Tools getting cheaper
Data more plentiful
Information still scarce
See more than we can understand... crowd sourced clinical trials
not just a neat science project
technology is cheaper
tools are more accessible
out of the ivory tower
Struck by the obvious... Big Question How can we
turn this data
into information? Try it and find out... Simplest possible problem
Applicable to many
Only use accessible tools
Little Question Do vitamins work
for me? MTHFR MTHFR Vitamin
(inactive) Vitamin
(active) Vitamin
(inactive) Vitamin
(active) MTHFR X X X Interventions SNP
rs1801133 SNP
rs1801131 Homocysteine
levels rise Nothing (Washout)
Regular Vitamin (inactive B9)
Special Vitamin (active B9)
Testing Homocysteine Plasma Level Lessons Learned EASY
technology, analysis tools MEDIUM
Getting started
Institutional Inertia
FAQ IRB Frequently
Questions Institutional
Board versus DIYgenomics.org
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