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Saskatchewan Grassland Plains

Our geography project

Helya Flora

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Saskatchewan Grassland Plains

Saskatchewan Grassland Plains
Journal Entry # 1

It was turning out to be the best field trip ever. We had traveled all around the world, and we were almost back home. We were in the middle of Saskatchewan, and that's when IT happened. When darkness rose over the Saskatchewan grassland plains, When the echoing sound of thunder rang in our ears, and when lightning struck and incinerated everything. What happened next was all in a sudden rush. Before I knew it, the bus was on fire. We quickly ran out and grabbed the fire extinguisher. We extinguished the bus just before the whole bus caught on fire. But all was left, was a few scraps of flint, steel and metal. Helya, Syed, Tajean and I all made it to safety. Wait... Did that mean we're the only ones in the wilderness. Alone?
Journal Entry # 3

Journal Entry # 2

Animals attack
We will face animal attacks. This can be dangerous because we can be mauled, it can spread an infection, and we can die! An example of a dangerous animal is a coyote. If they attack us, we will have to do something about it! We will solve it by using the bark from trees to make wood. Then we cut the wood to the size and shape we want our weapon to be. Then, we can find rocks and sharpen the edges. After that, we will cut a piece from our long rope, and connect the rock to the wood. Then we have a weapon to protect us! We can make as many as we need.
Tornadoes and Lightning
In the Saskatchewan grassland plains, there are a lot of tornadoes and lightning. This could be dangerous because bad weather can destroy our limited supply of resources and start big grass fires. We will solve this by building a very strong shelter with the rope we have, and strong rocks and wood. We will store our objects there.
Run out of wood
There isn't much wood in the Saskatchewan plains because there are very few trees! Running out of wood is a big risk for us. We will solve this problem by using as few trees as possible. We will spend it very wisely. The only things we will use it for are for building shelter, and weapons. To keep our fire going, we will once use wood to start our fire, then we will keep adding on dry grass on our fire.

There are mosquitoes in the wild of all parts of the world. Even though they are small insects, they are still dangerous because they sting! You can get large lumps, and scratching may cause infection! There is only one way to solve this problem...Because mosquitoes stay away from fire, we will try to stay around our fire for most of the time.

2 Year Survival
Our 10 Objects

Natural Resources We Used and How They Affected Our Surrounding Area
We were determined to survive. Of course we were panicking, but what choice did we have? At first, all we could see was grass! After a while, we found a few trees, but we had to use them very wisely. We saw vegetation and plants such as grass, wild flowers, herbs, small shrubs, and very few trees with thin barks. There were some small bodies of water. The ground was flat, so there were plateaus. The soil was very good for farming. There were rows of wheat as far as the eye could see. There were animals such as coyotes, deers, grasshoppers, insects, rabbits, buffalo, birds, prairie dogs, and more. We had cold and wet winters, and very hot summers! The precipitation per year was about 250 to 500 mm. The major proportion of precipitation came in spring and early summer.
The Risks We Could Face
Syed, Flora, Helya and I were stuck in the wilderness alone. I need to get out! How are we going to get rescued!? We had no contact, we had no tools to help us survive. We had nothing. After the bus burned, we panicked but we had to stay calm and we had to survive. There were mosquitoes everywhere and their stings had set us with itchy skin. Hmmm. Don't mosquitoes stay away from smoke? We could build a fire. Now that I think about it, we still have a chance to survive. But it wasn't as good if I were home safe and sound. :(
Journal Entry #4
Thank you for watching our presentation!
As we searched the area for the resources needed for survival, I remembered what I learned in geography class back when I was in Grade 6. I used to think Geography was boring but now I needed to know the exact location so we could get help. I think I could remember something about Saskatchewan. The longitude was 49 degrees north, and 107 degrees west in North America, I also remember that Canada was in the Interior Plains. Maybe if we could get hold of a radio we could signal for help, and tell them the exact location. After all, we do know that. Maybe there is hope, and maybe we will survive.
A Long Rope
A Rechargeable Flashlight
Grass Fire
Grass fires are known when lightning hits dry grass and fire is created. This is a very scary risk because we could burn... and die! Luckily, one of our ten objects are a fire extinguisher. Every time a fire starts, we will quickly run to our shelter and get our fire extinguisher to turn off the fire. We will have to get it as soon as we see any fires start or else the fire will be too big to turn off. We will stay close to our shelter at all times so that we can cover emergencies. Someone can be our lookout (we will take turns).

A Fire Extinguisher
We'd been stuck in the wilderness for 2 years already. We didn't know when we'll ever be saved. All we did was hope. We went to do our daily work. While Flora stocked up the fire, Helya went to look for wood, and Syed and Tajean went to hunt. It was a wonderful sunny day in July and we were preparing for a picnic (what else would we do in the wilderness?) when we felt a sudden breeze. It wasn't a light summer breeze, but a cold feeling. We shivered. That's when Flora saw Helya, Syed and Tajean over the plateau horizon. "Guys" Flora yelled, but her voice was cut off by lightning. Black clouds started forming. As they reached us, we all ran to shelter. Suddenly, a flash of lightning ignited fire. "Quick! Get the fire extinguisher" Helya yelled. But before we could put out the fire, threads caught onto threads, and when we stumbled back with the fire extinguisher, the fire was massive. Flames erupted, and burnt our shelter to the ground. All of our hard work, weapons, 10 gifts, food were all gone. Heat wrapped us, but by now, it was a grass fire. There was not enough time to dump water little by little. The fire was too big for the fire extinguisher. There was no use. We knew we wouldn't make it. "There they are!" We heard a voice call. We saw many farmers, followed by more police and even more fire fighters. Next what happened, We don't remember. All we remember is the fire put out, and the police taking us in. They explained the farmers were traveling, and thought they sometimes heard voices. Then today, they saw the fire and.... We thanked the farmers. The police took us back home. We survived! Safe at last :)

That was all 2 years ago, but we will still remember our greatest adventure.
Our 7 Day Survival
Day 1 :
We made fire, we cut down some trees to make shelter with a sharp rock attached to a branch. We could not find any food, so we chewed on grass and bark from the trees.

Day 2 :
We made bread with wheat. We also found a pond to drink from. We found a large dent, and enlarged it until it was a hole big enough to fit all of us. We created this for when we need cover from tornadoes and large animals.

Day 3:
We cut down another tree to make tools, to improve our shelter with, and to kill a bird (prairie chicken) to eat.

Day 4:
We survived an animal attack by killing the animal with our weapons. (We then roasted, and ate it)

Day 5:
There was a tornado, and our shelter broke down! ) We built a new and stronger shelter. We ate the remainder of the animal and some bread.

Day 6:
A herd of buffalo came, and we took one down with our spears before

the other buffalo noticed and got angry. (We hid in the ditch) We then cleaned and skinned the buffalo and roasted it over the fire. We cut the buffalo into fair sized pieces so it will last for some time.

Day 7:
We used the salt licks and luckily got a mound of salt out. We spiced the buffalo to eat. (We won't be needing food for at least another week.) We used the buffalo skin to make clothes for the Winter. We held the clothes together by many strong strands of grass.
The Rescue
We cut down wood to build our shelter and weapons. There are very few trees in the grassland, and we took away most of them even though we spent them wisely. That affected the environment around us, because we took away that tree and other animals can't use it for anything anymore. Also, because we have to plant a tree for every tree we cut down, we won't be able to grow a tree in that spot for now, because we don't have any seeds.
We used rocks for many things. We took them, and cut them into shapes we wanted. For example, we would sharpen one side. Then we attach it to a strong piece of wood to make a weapon. We also used rocks to make our shelter strong. We took the largest rocks for that. This affects our environments because we took many of the rocks away.
Salt licks:
There weren't that many salt licks in our area, there were only a few that we found. We took all that we found and used them. This affected our surrounding area, because other animals cant lick them anymore.
We hunted buffalo to eat. We cut the pieces we could eat, cut the skin off, and cleaned it with water. Then we cooked the meat to eat it. This affected our surrounding area because we killed buffaloes and other animals to eat. They could have had a family, but we killed them.
We used wheat to make bread to eat! We pounded the wheat into tiny grains and added the water from the pond. Then we rolled the dough and cooked it over the fire we made. This affected our surrounding area because we used a lot of wheat and other living things couldn't use them. It will take another year for it to harvest. Also, we ruined the vegetation.
We used a lot of grass to keep our fire going. One of our jobs was to cut a lot of grass to add to the fire. This affected our area because the grass is shorter, and not as fresh as before. After a while, we would have to go further to get more grass.
We cant use rocks for everything. A survival knife would be useful because with it we can hunt small animals for food, we can shape tools in a much better way, we can defend ourselves and we can cut away the smaller branches from trees. For those reasons, a survival knife might just help us survive. Hence the name.
A Sharp, Long Survival Knife
We can't live forever cutting materials with a sharp rock. It will waste too much time. Instead, we can have an axe to cut hard materials such as trees. It will also defend, and help us attack, It is a very useful item to keep at your side. We can use this to make weapons, catch our food, make a fire, make a shelter, and defend ourselves, Infact, this is probably the most useful tool to help us survive in the wilderness alone.
An Axe
A Backpack
With all the things we need to survive, we are going to need a way to keep these things with us, so with a backpack. We have to be able to carry everything we need, and this item is useful. We can store all of our items in there and when we go on hunting expeditions, we can keep all of our meat in this backpack!
If we were living for 2 years, making a stronger shelter would be wiser. Rope comes in handy for that. We could use the ropes to hold the shelter together to prevent tornadoes from knocking it down. Also, when we want to keep two things together, rope will do that job. We can use the rope to make our traps and to catch small creatures to eat, such as rabbits, squirrels etc.
Because there are no medicine in the wilderness, (and in the plains, there are no herbs or plants to cure illness, it only contains grass) we brought painkillers so when any of us gets bitten, hurt, or in pain, we will have medicine, and not have to live through the misery. Painkillers' effects are fast, after one person eats it, we can all get back to work. Also, if only that person gets hurt, you'll know what to stay away from. (ex. poisonous food, plants etc.)
Medicine: Painkillers
During the 2 years, if we have trouble starting a fire, this tool is very handy. A regular sized box would be fine because we could feed the fire with wood, and we've got plenty of dried grass to keep the fire going for a long time. This tool is only used when it is very difficult for us to start a fire. Reasons: No metal, steel, not a sunny day, we don't have the right tools. Also, if we're rushing, with a quick strike, we could get a fire going. Let's say we saw a helicopter, and to try signaling for help, we would make a bonfire. If the fire was out, we wouldn't have time to build a new one. So matches is a good use for emergencies.
Because our body needs salt, we decided to bring a huge bag of salt, which counted as 2 items. If we don't have a good amount of salt in our body, we will grow weaker, and in very bad shape. Because there are only a little amount of salt licks in the environment, it won't be enough for two years, so salt is a mandatory item for survival.
Huge bag of salt (2 items)
By rechargeable, we mean rechargeable by solar power. Because it gets really dark at night, but we've still got work to do if we stay for two years, By day, the flashlight will take in the energy and save it so we can use it at night, when it is dark, to do our tasks and to stay safe (If we spot a wild animal). This way, we won't have to use any batteries, and we will still get the light we need.
When there is lightning,the grass can catch fire and if that happens, we need something to put out that fire so we will use the fire extinguisher. Since the fire extinguisher is a one time use only, we will have to use it very wisely on the most serious occasions only when we have to.
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