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Youth Achievement Awards, Dynamic Youth Awards and Schools

The benefits to pupils and schools of delivering Youth Achievement Awards and Dynamic Youth Awards, including links to Curriculum for Excellence.

Colin Webster

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of Youth Achievement Awards, Dynamic Youth Awards and Schools

...along with peer assessment Curriculum for Excellence expects schools to be
offering personalised learning programmes Let's have a quick look at some of the key features of the Awards Dynamic Youth Awards are: Targeted at learners from P6 to S4
Peer and self assessed
Focussed on the learners' needs and interests
Accredited by ASDAN
Widely used in schools across Scotland
Suitable for meeting the four capacities Dynamic Youth Awards have been offered to learners taking
part in a 'rich task' yeargroup challenge They have been successfully used in Transition projects
as well as in a multitude of other activities. Key Strengths: A framework to accredit exisiting achievement
Rooted in the reality of learners' lives
Recognise pupils' positive contributions to their communities
Help pupils overcome barriers to learning
Provide opportunities for learning providers to work together
A framework for teachers and pupils to be creative with their learning ...where flexibility and choice are key pillars... Let's take a look
around the
classroom to see
5 examples
of the types of
activities the
Awards have
been used to
accredit. Peer educating a
dance project Example: accrediting participation in a sports' project. HMIe expects schools to... Some notes from HGIOS: QI 4.1 The school's success in working with and engaging with the local community QI 8.1 Partnerships with the community QI 9.3 Developing people and partnerships QI 6.3 Joint improvement planning with partner organisations and services Our Awards can help you
meet these important targets You can work in partnership with local agencies to deliver these Awards Your pupils could do part of their Award at school and part in their youth group ‘An excellent school actively seeks out partnerships with external agencies with the potential to be most productive in helping to provide imaginative contexts,
learning experiences and opportunities for personal development which meet the
needs of individual pupils and groups in all areas of the curriculum.’ - HMIE 'The Youth Achievement Awards are not just another pack that a lecturer brings in - it doesn't have all the paperwork that's usually linked to 'education'. It's an SCQF recognised award with the minimum of written work' - Isobel Mills, James Watt College We'll train up to 20 staff members at once.

We'll do the training at a date that suits you best.

And we'll even go to your school to deliver it. What does a Dynamic Youth
Award Challenge Sheet look like? Let's have a look at a Bronze (taking part)
challenge sheet Quality assurance with Youth Achievement Awards follows this path:
Peer assessment
Teacher assessment
Agency Moderator
External Moderator ...and if you get stuck we'll be there to support you. example
2 of 5 example
3 of 5 example
1 of 5 example
4 of 5 example
5 of 5 Now it's time to look more closely at Dynamic Youth Awards
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