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Villa Park High School Back to School Night

No description

Christopher Nguyen

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Villa Park High School Back to School Night

Success Tips English I - HP CAHSEE Back to School Night About Me Education Class Goals Class Goals English I - HP Villa Park High School
Mr. Nguyen
English I - Honors
& CASHEE Students will scrutinize the way language is used to create meaning.
Students will read with heightened attention to aspects such as style, imagery, diction, tone, etc.
Students will craft eloquent and fluid papers with highly developed paragraphs. Individidual Goals Students will score proficient to advanced on analytical assignments (quizzes, synthesis notes, etc).
Students will score proficient to advanced on composition assignments (literary response papers).
Students will score proficient to advanced on CST, STAR, quarter assessments, and semester assessments. Write down the agenda (important due dates).
Take notes
Annotate the text (post-its, highlighting, etc.)
Utilize class work time.
Participate in class discussions.
Ask questions.
Read the comments that I leave on assignments.
Review! CAHSEE Write down notes!
Review exercises
Take the initiative to ask for help (conference hours)
Stay on task ever day when coming to class.
Pay attention
Realize the importance of passing the CAHSEE!!! Statistics Only the top 10% of the class will make it into TIER 1 Universities (UC schools)
Only the top 30% of the class will make it into TIER 2 Universities (State schools)
Other students attend TIER 3 colleges (Community) or vocational institutes. Passing the CAHSEE test!
Review and study the units that are taught in class.
Units include grammar, reading, and writing.
Stay positive and be motivated to pass. Test Dates November 1st!
Early March 2012 Passing on Nov. 1st Done with class by the end of the semster.
Transfer to elective or general education classes. NOT Passing CAHSEE Must take it in March.
Remain in class until the end of the year.
Must continue retaking the CAHSEE test. Bachelor of Arts in English Language Arts and Composition from California State University, Fullerton.
Graduated Cum Laude
CA Teaching Credential from CSUF Experience Student taught at Sunny Hills High School (Fullerton). I taught Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors
Taught at Palm Desert High School (Palm Desert). Taught Sophomores. Philosophy Well-rounded students that are involved on campus and in their community will be successful candidates for Universities.
A variety of instruction is used in my classroom (small groups, class discussion, Socratic seminars, individual work, creative projects, etc.)
Students will learn how to become critical thinkers and support their opinions with strong facts and details. Contact Info cnguyen@orangeusd.org
Please call to set up an appointment.
Email is the quickest way to reach me!
Students can come to me for help before school, lunch, and afterschool. Course Short stories
Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird
Elie Weisel's Night
John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men
George Orwell's Animal Farm
Romeo & Juliet
The Odyssey
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