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Coco Chanel

No description

Sarah Delacour

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Coco Chanel

Woman entrepreneur Coco CHANEL Flavien CHANZY Sarah DELACOUR

1 - History
2 - Personality
3 - Accomplishments
4 - Management style


19/08/ 1883 – Gabrielle Chanel is born in Saumur France.

1895 – Coco’s mother dies at the age of thirty-three
Coco and her older sister Julie are shipped off to an orphanage.

1900 – At age 17 Coco leaves the orphanage and is sent to a convent in Moulins, France.

1910 – She opens a hat shop on rue Cambon in Paris.

She has a crisp white awning out the front of the shop with ‘Coco Chanel’ painted on it in black letters : beginning of the famous double ‘C’ Chanel logo. entrepreneur 1. HISTORY

1916 – Chanel’s stores are so successful that by the end of the year she has three hundred staff in her employment.

She is becoming a fashion icon herself.

1929 – Chanel opens a boutique for her accessories and Chanel No.5

1931 – Chanel begins designing clothes for Hollywood films and signs a lucrative 1 million dollar contract.

1936 – During troubled times in France, Chanel is faced with the strike of at least a hundred of her workers. 1. HISTORY

1939 – The outbreak of World War II – Chanel declared it was ‘no time for fashion’ and took a fifteen year break from her beloved business.

1954 – Chanel, aged seventy, presents a new collection for the first time in 15 years.

1971 – Coco Chanel dies, aged eighty seven.

1983 – Karl Lagerfeld becomes design director for the House of Chanel and slowly rebuilds the damaged reputation of one of the oldest fashion houses in Paris. 2. PERSONNALITY - ambitious
- she was daring
- she was different
- she was inspired
- she was resilient 3. ACCOMPLISHMENTS 1909: Selling hats. Made in a workshop. (Bachelor’s apartment changed in a workshop.)

PHOTO : Hat made by Coco Chanel - 1912 3. ACCOMPLISHMENTS : 1910's 1910: 1st shop: “Chanel Modes” in Paris (Rue Cambon)

1913: Shop in Deauville & then a store in Biarritz, 1915.

1916: Her first success in clothing: a dress (she fashioned out of an old jersey on a chilly day). 3. ACCOMPLISHMENTS : 1910's 1921: Shops in rue Cambon. (31 rue Cambon, famous fashion house of Chanel nowadays).

Her first perfume: Chanel n°5. A work with Ernest Beaux.

In 1959 Exhibition at the museum. The bottle of No. 5 is exhibited in the museum of Modern Art in New York. 

1924: Foundation of Chanel perfume company

Successes in clothing: 
1925: Suit Jacket and well-fitted skirt
1926: Little black dress

Little black dress by Coco CHANEL 3. ACCOMPLISHMENTS
1932: Launch of a collection of fine jewellery 
1934: Creating a workshop specialized in jewellery
1955: - Quilter Shoulder Bag
- “Pour Monsieur”, 1st eau de toilette for men
- Coco Chanel received the Oscar fashion honouring the most influential designer of the twentieth century. 3. ACCOMPLISHMENTS 1970: Launching a new fragrance: N ° 19 4. MANAGEMENT STYLE It was the life of Coco Chanel Thank you for your attention !!! Do you have any questions ? Coco CHANEL SELF CONFIDENT
Hard worker
Nonconformist methods of working 4.MANAGEMENT STYLE NO FRIENDLY MANAGEMENT
Strong Business sense

Outstanding personnality of the 20th century
Successul Business woman

Closure in 1945
Collaboration doubts
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