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Elizabeth Burgin

No description

Kaleigh Nicholson

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Elizabeth Burgin

Elizabeth Burgin's role in the American Revolutionary War
Elizabeth Burgin's Reputation
After Burgin helped with the escape of prisoners she became a wanted person
British ordered her to be captured and would pay two hundred pounds which is equivalent to 20 years of service as a British soldier
Elizabeth escaped from New York and moved to New England

Why Elizabeth Burgin is important
Elizabeth Burgin may not have fought in the Revolutionary War itself but what she contributed during the course of the war which is why she is considered a hero

Burgin's fearless actions to help the prisoners is very admirable ; instead of fleeing or simply contining to live her life Burgin took action and helped the Patriots' cause in the Revoluntionary War
Who is Elizabeth Burgin?
One of the American Revolutionary War heros

Elizabeth was awarded a pension from the Continental Congress in 1781 for her help in the Patriots' cause

Elizabeth Burgin's Role
Britain kept the prisons for captured Americans on ships in the New York Harbor
Burgin being a women was allowed on the ships and would smuggle food and help American prisoners
She met up with a Patriot officer who helped her to devise a plan to free the prisoners
She helped free over 200 of the American prisoners that were captured by the British
General George Washington wrote to the Continental Congress stating: " Regarding Elizabeth Burgin, recently an inhabitant of New York. From the testimony of our own (escaped) officers...it would appear that she has been indefatigable for the relief of the prisoners, and for the facilitation of their escape. For this conduct she incurred the suspicion of the British, and was forced to make her escape under disturbing circumstances."
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