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07.03 Minority Rights: Honors

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Kiyah Hyatt

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of 07.03 Minority Rights: Honors

Women's rights in Afghanistan
Women for Afghan Women
This organization is actually based in New York, but of coarse most of their work in done in Afghanistan. However, I believe this group can improve by letting more people in the U.S, know about this organization. Not until I search on google did I find out how I can help that is so much more closer than Afghanistan. Maybe they can open us offices across the country.
I think that the Women for Afghan Women would and is a successful group. They currently have ten Family Guidance Centers in Afghanistan. These centers care for women who have suffered from different types of human rights violations.
Get Involved!
Many civil rights problems were recognized and change came from common people taking a stand. Help this organization take a stand for Afghan women.

Afghan women are treated unfairly by a predominate nation of males. There are may organizations that are willing to help out these women. The organizations teach women their worth, speak for them when they don't have a voice, and help rescue many Afghan women.

Here are some organizations. Take a look for yourself:

07.03 Minority Rights: Honors
Women for Afghan Women is an organization I would like to highlight. This is a current movement that women can help out Afghan women in modern times. They provide programs and services for Afghan women and children that have been violated in any way.
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