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Preventing Workplace Bullying

No description

Manmeet Sandhu

on 1 July 2015

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Transcript of Preventing Workplace Bullying

What is Bullying?
Workplace bullying is the deliberate, hurtful, negative, repeated mistreatment of one or more employees driven by a desire to control.

Examples of Bullying Behaviors:
Yelling, screaming or cursing
Constant criticism
Inconsistent compliance with rules
Insults and put-downs
Exclusion from a group
Being rude,hostile or aggressive
Talking in a dismissive tone

What is not bullying?
A single workplace incident
Legitimate management action
performance management processes
action taken to transfer or retrench a worker
a decision not to provide a promotion in connection with the workers
disciplinary actions
allocated work in compliance with systems and policies
injury and illness processes
business processes, such as, workplace change or restructuring.
How is Bullying different from Healthy Conflict?

Healthy conflict occurs when individuals of diverse backgrounds and personalities are able to speak candidly about matters of interest to them
Ask difficult questions
Challenge ideas and propositions that do not seem right to them
Work together to achieve optimal solutions in a mutually respectful manner
What can we do?
Prevention Early Intervention Management
Who can help?
Human Resources
Contact Information
Employee Relations Manager
T 650.404.3697
C 650.930.6463

What can you do if you think you are being bullied?
FIRMLY tell the person that his or her behavior is not acceptable and ask them to stop.
REPORT the harassment to your supervisor, or a delegated manager. If your concerns are minimized, proceed to the next level of management.
Contact Employee Relations
Preventing Workplace Bullying
Creating a Positive Work Environment
Takes one or more of the following forms:

Verbal abuse
Conduct which is threatening, humiliating, or intimidating
Work interference, sabotage, which prevents work from getting done
Exploitation of a known psychological or physical vulnerability

Being arrogant in general
Being quick to criticize and slow to praise
Destruction of property or work product
Character assassination
Spreading spiteful rumors
Gossiping about others


We can…in the context of prevention
Promote a positive workplace culture through:
timely and constructive performance feedback
engagement of employees
accountability of all Staff Members
clear statements that bullying will not be tolerated
modeling positive behaviors of respect and courtesy
We can…in the context of early intervention
Recognize early warning signs, including:
physical symptoms (tiredness, headaches etc)
increased unplanned absences
emotional responses
erratic behavior
withdrawal behavior
increased workplace conflict
low morale
deteriorating work performance.
Response to early warning signs, including:
open and frequent communication/supportive leadership.
listen with empathy
offer support (alternate or flexible work arrangements, EAP, etc)
seek advice from specialist areas (HR, case management)
Respond in a timely manner to allegations of bullying
Treat both complainant and respondent with empathy
Maintain confidentiality of the parties
Arrange a discussion, case conference or mediation between the parties to clarify issues and solutions
Continue to monitor the well being of both parties and provide support throughout the process
How can your Manager Help?
Supervisor/ Manager
Employee Assistance Program
Gene Reynolds
Manmeet Sandhu
Employee Relations Specialist
T 650.404.3769
C 650.223.3961
Employee Assistant Program
Call: 800.311.4327
TDD: 800.697.0353
Conflict that helps build team bonding by causing those involved to change their attitudes and grow personally. It also results in problem resolution due to increased involvement of all affected team members.
What is Healthy Conflict?
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