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Amelia Ennis

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Honduras

Honduras FACTS ABOUT HONDURAS the official language of Honduras is Espanol The currency in Honduras is called Honduran Lempira Porfirio Pepe Lobo is the president of Honduras growth rate: 1.838%
birth rate: 24.66/1000
infant mortality rate: 19.85/1000
life expectancy: 70.71 English is used alot in business Ethnicity/race: mestizo 90%
Amerindian 7%
black 2%
white 1% Religions: Roman Catholic 97%
Protestant 3% National Holiday: Independence Day, September 15 Unemployment: 4.8% Agriculture:
shrimp Communications:
phones: main lines in use: 669,500
mobile cellular: 9.505 million Facts about Honduras' islands the Honduran islands are called Roatan Honduras food is a mix of African
and indigenous cultures Internet hosts: 27,074 The people that are mestizo speak Spanish (foreign dialects are also spoken) and nearly all Roman Catholic The term “Banana Republic” was first used to refer to Honduras by the American writer O. Henry, for the influence the U.S. banana companies had at some time. The legislature, the National Congress, has 128 members, also elected for four years. Christopher Columbus is said to have said after leaving a storm: “Thank God we’ve left these Depths.” And he called Depths (Honduras) the area, and Thank God (Gracias a Dios) the Cape he left. Soccer War is a conflict that happened from a soccer match against El Salvador after a soccer match between the two countries in 1969. The real reason of the fight was to keep the Salvadoran population pressure The Honduran currency is named after an Indian chief that fought to death against the Spanish conquerors. They thought that a lempira bill has an image representing the face of the legendary chief Lempira, but instead contains the image of an American Red Indian. Platano Forest was named as one of the new seven new wonders of the world it is on the Río Plátano on the Caribbean coastline of Honduras in North America Comayagua has one of the oldest clocks in the world it is beleived that in Yoro there is the phenomenon of fish rain (lluvia de peces) Literally, fish fall from the sky it is so hot in Honduras that they dont have winter climate culture Internet users: 731,700 Honduras is governed under the constitution of 1982 as amended. The president is both head of state and head of the government it was elected for a four-year term. The national mammal is the white-tailed deer, the national bird is the scarlet macaw Roadways: Total 14,239 km
umpaved: 11,080 Trujillo is believed to be the place where the first Mass was celebrated in America There is a lot of heavy rainfall in the north.
In the east there are swamps and forests on the Mosquito Coast. Honduras is a tropical, rainy climate The Honduran flag has three horizontal stripes:
the upper and lower stripes are blue, and the center stripe is white In the central stripe there are five blue stars representing the five republics of Central American Union, and the central star represents Honduras. Airports: 104 There are no active volcanoes in Honduras Soccer is the favorite sport, the passion of lots of people Government Culture History Average temperature- 80 degrees F, Maximum temperature- 102 degrees F, Minimum temperature- 60 degrees F Unit Of Currency Language 50.7% of the population was in poverty in 2004 $1 in America is 200 lempiras in Honduras Population Random Facts The most important national hero of Honduras is Francisco Morazán, he fought for the unity of Central America and got killed for what he did, in Costa Rica. Food the population of Honduras is 7,754,687 kids get gifts at Christmas but children are celebrated and get more gifts on September 10th: day of the Honduran Child. Climate Honduras is almost right next to the border Honduran Flag Tourist Attractions
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