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Analyzing Effects Like Panda

When a search engine like Google makes a major change in its algorithym, how do you go about analyzing it?

Dixon Jones

on 16 June 2016

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Transcript of Analyzing Effects Like Panda

How to methodically analyze algo changes like Panda Winners and Losers Data Sources And how die they fare? So Google is deduping? So why is Facebook a winner? Some Stamford Research Some observations after analyzing,
Going back to the "Machine Code" search phrase Vs. Some losers... The Floor in the logic is that we
do not know if these losers ranked
for the phrase "machine code" before
Panda. However, we do have data for
sites on this and research is ongoing... Conclusions We are still assessing how to analyse the "Stamford Factors" to see how to avoid a Panda sitewide penalty. But if you do get hit, pages that have poor deep link equity are the ones that lose out Using ConAn Content Analyzer
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