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How can you actually save a tiger?

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Vinay Kumar

on 14 July 2011

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Transcript of How can you actually save a tiger?

present Tiger population in India

due to poaching
(but we all know that) and due to shrinkage of forests and habitats

which promotes man animal conflicts

which leads to the extinction of the species. Just 100 years ago
we had more than 50,000 tigers in India.
How have they vanished? How does man animal conflict kill tigers? And naturally to protect their livestock
the villagers poison the carcass.

The tiger returns the next day, and consumes the poisoned meat
and the tiger dies Its a fact that many tigers and leopards are lost
due to poisoning.

If the villagers are properly educated and
reimbursed for their losses we can reduce the

And that’s what we have done… Coimbatore ACME Round Table 133
compensates villagers for their livestock losses
due to tiger and leopard kills.

This prevents the poisoning and hence We raise funds from well wishers like you
to fund this unique project.

So for about $200
you are actually
saving a tiger. saving the tiger Around shrinking jungles, tigers kill livestock of villagers.

Naturally because the tigers are losing hunting ground. and shrinking...
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