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Youth Spark Presentation

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Transcript of Youth Spark Presentation

Alcance del proyecto Argentina AR CO Brazil Colombia BR Costa Rica CR México MX Perú PE Overview
of the Project Project Details Expected Results Project Details Aligned with Youth Spark Grants: empowering youth, focusing on underserved youth population, especially young women.

Period: February 2013 until January 2014.

Geographic Area: Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Costa Rica, México and Perú.

General Objective: To improve economic opportunities for youth in Latin America, particularly young women between the ages of 16 and 29, through access to ICT, specialized training and employment opportunities. Specific Objectives:

Build the capacity of selected POETA centers in the network to incorporate specialize training and solutions geared toward youth between the ages of 16 and 29.

 Reach an increased number of beneficiaries through Information and Communications Technology for development to maximize de usage and ownership of ICT, a improve job readiness skills.

Achieve 50% economic opportunity rates for youth, particularly focused on the young women participating in the project.

Empower POETA centers, local partners and stakeholders to assume a commitment to youth economic opportunities that goes beyond training participants, through well-designed Economic Opportunities Strategy-EOS. Components:

Economic Opportunities
To guide and support participants in their path to realize: (i) employment/internships (ii) entrepreneurship (iii) advance education at a formal or technical institution.

Training in ICT & Job Readiness and Community Engagement at the centers
Train participants in short-term modules to level-up their ICT and job readiness skills. Give access to the wider community to center’s services in extracurricular hours.

Outreach and Best Practices
Disseminate the achievements and outcomes of the project and exchange of best practices among stakeholders. The final will be a video/brochure that will highlight the success stories. By January 31st 2014:

At least 500 youth are empower through training per country.

At least 50% (250) of youth trained realized an economic opportunity per country.

At least 800 people benefit through Access to the project per country. LOCAL PARTNER
CilsaNumber of centers: 3 Santa Fe, Rosario & Cordoba
Focal Point: Santa FeAverage women trained : 61%
Average youth trained : 35%
Experience: long-lasting partnership with network of employers to promote labor inclusion of vulnerable communities. LOCAL CONTEXT
25% of the total population are young people between the ages of 15-29.
There is a 21.2% unemployment rate amongst youth aged 15-29.
women access better-paying jobs, they make approximately 30% less than men doing comparable work.
Only 39% of young women in working age have a job. LOCAL PARTNER
Number of centers: 3 Santo Andre, Sao Paulo & CuritibaFocal Point: Santo AndreAverage trained women: 45%Average trained youth: 53%Focus: Direct employment and internships in the financial sector (services) through a partnership with FEBRABAN (Association of bankers in brazil) LOCAL CONTEXT
Even though Brazil is currently a strong economy, there are still social disparities. Brazil ranks at 84th position at the UN-Human Development Index, bellow other LATAM countries.
US DOL estimates that youth unemployment rate increased more than that of the total population during 2012.
75% of employment comes from the service sector. LOCAL PARTNER
Microempresas de Colombia
Number of centers: 1
Focal Point: Medellin
Average women trained : 40%
Average youth trained : 40%
Focus: entrepreneurship with a network of microenterprises in the metropolitan area of Medellin. Best use of local government labor inclusion offices for Direct employment and internships. LOCAL CONTEXT
Local partners report at least 57% of the inhabitants are 20 years old or younger .
Young women unemployment in the country is around 26%, while young men unemployment is approximately 14% .
Medellin Youth Survey-2010, shows that 37% of vulnerable youth are not studying. LOCAL PARTNER
Vision Mundial
Number of centers: 1 Siquirres, LimonFocal Point: SiquirresAverage trained women: 45%Average trained youth: 35%Focus: training young women in rural tourism and entrepreneurship skills.Previous experience with “Proyecto mujeres emprendedoras en Centroamérica = 200 women have been identified to participate on Youth Spark Project. LOCAL CONTEXT
unemployment rate for women between 15 and 29 years old is estimated to be around 13.4%
Limon is merely a rural, agricultural and tourist area.
40% of the population is under 35 years old.
Poverty concentrated among women head of house-holdGeographic area: 30% under poverty-line. Focus for employment in the agricultural and service sector. LOCAL PARTNER
DIF-Nuevo Leon
Number of centers: 2 in Monterrey
Focal Point: Monterrey, Valle de las Brisas
Average trained women: 43%
Average trained youth: 35%
Focus: on direct employment. The job inclusion will be done by taking advantage of a well-established network of more than 100 companies in Nuevo Leon. LOCAL CONTEXT
25% of the total population are aged between 15-29
51% of this age bracket are women
Mexico reports a 9.5% unemployment rate among youth labor force 15-24
The average worker’s age in Mexico is 37.8 years old LOCAL PARTNER
Number of centers: 1Chiclayo, Lambayeque
Focal Point: Chiclayo
Average trained women: 51%
Average trained youth: 32%
Focus: Direct employment and internships in partnership with Asociación de Hoteles y Restaurantes and Asociación de Restaurantes Campestres del Corredor Gastronómico de Callanca (ARCCOGA-CALL) LOCAL CONTEXT
2 out of 3 unemployed are young people.
53% of young people who work are underemployed.
3.5% of young people report having had job skills training.2.9% of young women report having had job skills training.4% of young men report having had job skills trainingIn the Lambayeque Region- there is higher employment rates in the tourism and service sector
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