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Red Dog

An information report on the movie and the story of Red Dog and the history of the town and area it is set.

Sylvie E

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Red Dog

By Maddi, Ella, Corbin and Sylvie Red Dog Red Dog was born in Paraburdoo in about 1971. He was nicknamed Tally Ho, Bluey, Dog of the Northwest and of course Red Dog. He was first named Tally Ho by Col Cummings (supposedly first owner who brought him to Dampier). He was named Red Dog because when he came to dampier he was covered in the red sand of the Pilbara region. His second owner was John Stazzonelli. He was a bus driver. John's work let red travel as far as Perth, Broome Roebourne, Point Samson and Port Hedland. •After John’s death, Red Dog travelled on his own, taken in by members of community and vets. He was made a member of the Dampier Salts Sports and Social Club, in the Transport Workers Union. He was given a bank account with the Bank of New South Wales and used as a mascot. The slogan was “If Red banks at the Wales, so can you.” He had many friends.
His death was caused by intentional Strychnine poisoning. He was buried in an unnamed grave near Dampier and Karratha. References:
http://ironoremining/westernaustralia/nowhow.com.au The dog that played Red Dog was called Koko. Before playing Red Dog, Koko did modelling. By Sylvie. When John went away for a bit, he told red to stay right where he was. John was in an accident then and nobody told red. They forgot about him. Red stayed for 3 weeks right where he was. Then he went searching for John. He travelled all around Australia, searching for his master. The cast of Red Dog the movie: John Grant : Josh Lucas Nancy Grey : Rachael Taylor Jack Collins : Noah Taylor Thomas : Luke Ford Red Dog : Koko and of course... The film Red Dog is set in Dampier, Western Australia. People who live in Dampier are normally only there for about 1 week for work before returning home to come back the next week. People come from all over the world to work at Dampier but only for a small amount of time. Dampier is a very multi-cultural town. There is only about 10 people that live in Dampier permanently. Their jobs would have been working at the pub or the local shop. People tend to not live in Dampier because there is nothing much to do there and not very kid friendly. The workers who fly out to work are normally technicians and trade workers. The salt mining industry is in the city of Dampier By Maddi The salt mining industry is in the city of Dampier The salt lake stretches 2,070 kilometres long The mines are a one hour drive north of Carnarvon and 11 hours’ drive north of Perth. Famous dog stories: Riva and Salty: Riva and Salty helped their owners find safety on 9/11 Beauty: Saved 63 animals after bombing raids. Balto: Delivered a lifesaving medicine to the people of Nome. By Ella Mining has always been part of Australia’s history and today is one the world’s leading mineral resource nations. In 1960 the Australian government lifted the ban on iron ore exports because of concerns that mineral was in short supply. Up until mid 1960's Western Australia iron ore production very small. The first iron ore reserves were founded by langhancock. The family company Hancock prospecting still maintains considerable interest in the Pilbara region. Around 10 million tons a year was being produced and by 1970's it had grown to a massive 100 million tons a majority of this was from Western Australia. The first mine to develop in the Pilbara region was in 1965 called Goldsworthy mine which was named after Mt.Goldsworthy. When the mount whaleback mine opened it was the biggest single-pit mine in the world. Single pit mines are also known as an open pit mines. A large amount of iron ore production in western Australia is from in the Pilbara region but other areas are for iron ore production are in the mid-west, Kimberly and wheatbelt by corbin The End The End
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