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SWOT Analysis on Subway

No description

Kyle Psychas

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of SWOT Analysis on Subway

SWOT Analysis on Subway
Internal Weaknesses
The services that the employees are not the same in each store, some places you go very quick, and in some places it takes you a long time to get your food.
The way that Subways designs there store sometimes makes it look cheap.
The employees are not staying there that long and they keep having to hire new employees, which makes there empoyee turnover rate higher then those of other stores.
Internal Strengths
They are able to have there subs customized so that allows the customer's to choose what kind of sub they want and what they want on there sub. It allows the customer's to vary what they want on each sub.
They have the choice for people to get a healthy meal there.
Subway is the largest fast food chain in the world by the number of stores that they have.
External Opportunities
People are always in demand for healthier d and for a choice to get a healthier option when getting fast food.
Subways in making some drive-thru in there stores and that could help to potentially speed up the process of customer's getting there food.
Subways might start a delivery service so that they can expand there customer base.
External Threats
Some people do not like the idea of a healthy choice for food and that can potentially hurt some of there customer base.
The other local fast food chains that are in the area can sometimes win the competition between the customer's because the other fast food chains are quicker.
Subway has been getting some lawsuits because of the way that they have poor company management and the lawsuits make Subway loose a lot of money.

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Subway is the largest fast food chain when it comes to the number of stores that they have around the country. Subway allows you to choose what you want on your sandwich and if you would like a healthy chose or not.
By: Kyle Psychas, Devin Maas
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