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Civil Engineering

leinad ana

on 17 September 2015

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Consultations, Research, Investigations and Reports
These Services deal primarily with collecting, interpreting, and reporting information, together with formulating conclusions and making recommendations.
Design Services For Construction projects
Civil Engineering Services are required for each of six typical phases of a construction project. All services are preferably furnished by the same Civil Engineer for consistency and efficiency, although at times services in various phases are furnished by different Engineers or by the client
Classification of Engineering Services

The needs for professional civil engineering services vary, and the civil engineering firms meet these needs vary in organizational structure, size, and capability.

Services Provided by Civil Engineers
1. Consultation, Research, Investigations, and reports
2. Design services of construction projects.
3. Construction service
4. Special Services for Construction projects.
5. Engineering support service
6. Academic Services
7. Services as Employee

Preliminary and Feasibility Investigations and Reports

> Planning Studies
These Services may include the broad areas of developing the engineering requirements of master plans for long range capital improvement programs; preparation of preliminary engineering of land development
> Appraisals, Valuations and Rate Studies

These Services may include investigations and analyses of existing conditions; capital and operating costs; overhead costs and costs of financing; revenues as needed to evaluate a property or to recommend establishment of prospective rates.
Assistance in Financial Matters
> The Civil Engineer may be engaged by Client who is planning to issue bonds, particularly revenue bonds, to finance a capital project
Special Services
1. Value Engineering
2. Appraisal and valuation
3. load testing
4. Environmental Evaluations
5. Traffic Engineering
6. Forensic Engineering for Structural and other Failures
7. Operational Assistance
8. Materials Process design
9. Pilot Studies
10. Computer Modeling
11. Safety Engineering
12. Topographic, sounding and boundary Survey Engineering
13. Toxic and hazardous waste evaluation
14. Sales and Marketing Services
15. Expert Witness
16. Representation of municipal or private entities in
Projects proposed for privatization.

These services usually precede the authorization of a capital project and may involve extensive investigations, analyses of conditions, and comparison of several possible plans.
Materials Engineering and equipment test
These services include tests of materials and equipment under established codes and standards, specialized examination of equipment and materials used in construction and industry, and other inspections and monitoring required by a client.
Direct Personal Service
This includes services such as assistance in preparation for legal proceedings. Appearances before courts or commisions to render expert opinios and conclusions, and investigations of technical matters where specialized civil engineering knowledge, experience, and judgement is required.
Research and development
Research is specialized investigation and gathering of data from existing resources or through laboratory works and processes related to the purpose and object of the research.

Development of new construction materials and methods from concept to commercialization.
Study and Report Phase
Analysis of the Client's needs, conceptual design, conceptual opinions of probable construction cost.
Preliminary Design Phase
Preparation of final Design Criteria, preliminary drawings, outline specifications, and preliminary opinions of probable construction cost.

Final Design Phase
Preparation of design calculations, construction drawings, specifications, estimated construction cost, and other contract documents


Bidding or Negotiating phase
Assistance to the client with the bidding or negotiating process for construction of the project.

Construction Phase
Advice and Consultation on matters related to his services.

Operation Phase
Assistance to the client in start-up and operation of the project, including periodic inspections.
Civil Engineer may engage in construction contracting after being licensed as a contractor by the contractors Accreditation Board. It is considered unethical for a civil engineer to allow his license to be used by any other construction company except his own.
Civil Engineer may provide the services of a supporting technical employee as required of a construction company. He shall however, be paid the professional fees, in addition to his regular salary, for any design work he performs for which he signs as professional Civil Engineering and/or engineer on record.
Engineering Support Services
The Engineering support services in general civil engineering practice may involve drafting, land and construction surveying, and other data gathering activities for specialized purposes
Academic Services
These services involve full or part time teaching or training of prospective professionals and also the upgrading of knowledge and skills of fellow professionals.
Service as Employee
Civil Engineer engages to perform work or fulfill duties regularly for wages or salary being paid by an employer.
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