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Ep 3.1

No description

Prezibase Designs

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Ep 3.1


Our Moderator:
Catherine Gutierrez
Director of Client and Partner Relations at Parsec
Our Panelists:

Shift Logs, eLog, and Schedule
As organizations move further along the capability maturity model, how do SOPs evolve?
Shift logs can be challenging. Incoming shift operators can have trouble understanding or reading notes from previous shifts, which can cause the same problem to occur each time a new shift begins.
How has TrakSYS™ helped to overcome some of these challenges?
Was an SOP put into place?
What other operational procedures has TrakSYS™ helped you with?
How has this impacted your overall production times and schedule?
Delivering Actionable Intelligence
The key component of delivering actionable intelligence is just that, delivery.
How has delivery of data changed in the last decade? What can be gained that was previously unnoticed?
Delivering Actionable Intelligence
How does TrakSYS™ simplify data gathering, and delivering it to the right people?
How do corporate dashboards differ from plant operators?
Did TrakSYS™ help you identify bottlenecks?
Engagement and Ownership
Operator Engagement is essential.
How do you best motivate operators?
What are some pitfalls to avoid and what seems to work the best for long-term ownership and improvement?
Did you encounter resistance? How did you address those issues?
What about management? What did you do to create comradery?
Was it difficult to get operators to engage and become familiar with TrakSYS™?
Next Topic
Quality, Compliance, and What's Next
Mike Yost
Travis Tomaszewski
Operations Area Manager
Dave Ray
Vice President of Operations
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