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A Tale Dark and Grimm

No description

Heidi Teichert-Divizio

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of A Tale Dark and Grimm

A Tale Dark and Grimm

Falling Action
The conflict is that no adult alive in their town would take good care of them and treat them the way that they should be treated. In the story, Hansel and Gretel were repeatedly disappointed by their parents and the adults that they met on their journey. They feared they would have to live on their own for the rest of their lives.
Point of view
Hansel and Gretel are both telling the story in first person. The author is telling the story in third person.
Resolution part 1
Hansel and Gretel sneak into their fathers room and kill him by cutting off his head. So then Gretel takes a piece of twine and wraps it around their fathers head and body. Then he comes back to life , and the dragon appearance is gone.
Rising action
The prince and princess had two kids named Hansel and Gretel. Then one day Johanne's statue began to move and then it began to speak. It said to the prince "if you want me to come back you have to cut off the heads of your children, then smear the blood all over me." So he did that and then he reappeared. The prince cried on the floor and Johannes took the heads and placed them back on the bodies. Hansel and Gretel then reappeared also. When Hansel and Gretel grew up, they thought they would cut off their heads again so they ran away.
Rising Action
By:Adam Gidwitz
When Hansel and Gretel split up during the story, they are on different journeys. Johannes meets Hansel when he's on his journey and tells him why he left his parents. Hansel wants to go home but Johannes stops him. Their is a dragon that is destroying the town of Grimm. Hansel and Gretel find each other in the story and try to stop the dragon but it is impossible. They failed but later in the story they find out that their own father is discussed as the dragon. The only way to destroy the dragon is to destroy their father.
The theme of the story "A Tale Dark and Grimm "is don't jump to conclusions or else bad things can happen. Also, teamwork is key. If you don't work together your lost and you're not going any where just like Hansel and Gretel did.
I wish I could have changed the end of the story by them killing the dragon, and that the dragon is not their father so that he didn't get hurt.
By: Gabriella Lukin
There once lived a prince that saw a painting of a beautiful lady and fell in love with her. He wanted to marry her but was discouraged by a man called Johannes. Johannes was the king's best friend that recently passed away. He finally got Johannes to say yes , but there were dangers on the way when people came for the princess. People who went, never came back. So they got through the dangers, but Johannes helped them. Finally Johannes died trying to help them. They felt really bad and he turned to stone. They kept his statue in their room so they could never forget him.
In the Book ,"A Tale Dark And Grimm" there are two characters named Hansel and Gretel. Gretel is a smart and courageous girl who puts her life before others. Like when she suffers by cutting off her own finger to save seven boys. Hansel is Brave and always looks out for his little sister.
In the story " A Tale Dark And Grimm" the setting usually takes place in a town called "Grimm". Grimm is where Hansel and Gretel grew up. It also takes place in the forest where Hansel and Gretel usually end up.
The Conflict in the story called "A Tale Dark And Grimm" is that Hansel and Gretel could not find any parents that would treat them right. On Hansel and Gretel's journey, they were repeatedly disappointed by their parents.
A Tale Dark and Grimm
Rising Action
When Hansel and Gretel run away they face many dangers and disasters. Such as being captured by a crazy lady that tries to cook them. Hansel gets transformed into a wolf then gets shot by a hunter. Gretel gets her finger cut off. Goes face to face with a mouth breathing dragon and have contact with a cold blooded murder.
Resolution part2
Hansel and Gretel and their parents are a family
again with no problems. And they lived Happily
Ever After!
Why would Gretel cut off her own finger?
She meets a guy in the woods that has seven son's and wanted a daughter so bad. So she asks if they could stay with them and he says yes. Hansel and Gretel find out that the son's are sparrows and their new dad puts them on top of a mountain. So Hansel and Gretel spent a year going up that big mountain to save the seven sparrows. The door to the cage is a finger hole so Gretel cut off her finger and opened the door! The sparrows came out and turned into boys again.
How Did Hansel turn into a wolf?
Hansel and Gretel tried to find food in the woods and Hansel killed 3 animals: a rabbit,dove,and a cat.
Gretel was furious and told him not to kill but he didn't listen. Hansel began to grow fur and claws. Then he was shot by a hunter.
Why did they almost get burned by a witch?
While Hansel and Gretel were lost in the woods, they came upon a weird looking house. It was made of candy. They saw a witch come out of the door while they were helping them selves. The witch tricked them and they almost got roasted, but they outsmarted the witch and she got thrown into the oven and burned.
How did Gretel get in contact with a murderer?
Gretel made a new friend on the way and she trusted him a lot. So one day the young man told Gretel if she wanted to come over and she said yes. He said he lived far into the woods. So one day she goes into the woods looking for his house and come's upon a house and finds out that he is a murderer. She hides when he comes home and then she come's back to the village and gets him caught and killed.
Why I recommend this book
I would recommend this book "A Tale Dark And Grimm" because it is scary and interesting. You could never predict what happens next. Adam Gidwitz talks to you about the book while you are reading it and he has his own opinions of course. I would give this book a 5 star rating because it is lots of fun! Come read it now!
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