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Ethan Delanko

No description

Stephen Spizarny

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of Ethan Delanko

Why did they need it?
they needed propaganda to gain public following and to support the war effort.
The allied forces that used propaganda were Canada, Australia, and the UK.
Anti German Propaganda
By Ethan Delanko
Anti German Propaganda
What is it?
Anti German propaganda is pictures that depict Germany in a negative light to gain public following.
Allies that used propaganda
Here are some examples of propaganda
In this picture, we see a gorrila wearing a german helmet and carring what i assume to be Lady Liberty.
In this picture, we see a dog getting wearing a german helmet getting strangled by Uncle Sam.
in this picture, we see a german solider stabbing a angel with his bayonet. This is supposed to mean that the germans are devil creatures.
In this picture, they are using the destruction of the Lusitania as a way to get more irishmen to join the war effort.
In this picture, we see the statue of liberty urging people to buy liberty bonds or else she will be destroyed.
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