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Bo DuBois

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By Helen Hunt Jackson God's Light-Houses The Title Purpose Background What it Means to Me How She Made it Work God's lighthouses are more commonly known as stars. Sailors look to the stars for guidance on their voyages, without them, they are lost.
"The sailor's eyes, like eyes in prayer,
Turn unto them for guiding ray:
If storms obscure their radiance,
The great ships helpless grope their way." Married Captain Edward Hunt in 1852.
Knew something about sailing.
Around the time of Triangular Trade. Just as the sailors look up to the stars for guidance, I look up to my stars (role models) to help guide me.
My mom
My dad
Ashley Torres
Coach Hendershot
Justin Myers
Kacie Dixon Motif:
Sea: Neverending, vast, dangerous, powerful, mysterious Theme:
Guidance - with guidance, life is much easier. On your own, you may be helpless. Symbolism:
Stars (Beacons/Lighthouses) - Guidance.
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