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The Semicolon


Erica Dekker

on 17 March 2010

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Transcript of The Semicolon

The Semicolon used to connect major sentence
elements of equal grammtical rank. So, how do you properly use the semicolon? 1- Use to relate a series
or list involving internal puncuation.... Ex: There were three cows: Billy, who came from California; George, the bull's favorate son; and Harry, the skinny one. 3- Use between closely-related indpendent clauses not conjoined by a coordinating conjuction.... Ex: Billy likes to eat grass; he thinks it tastes good. 2- Use between independent clauses linked with a transitional phrase or conjuctive adverb.... Ex: I like to eat cows; however, i don't like being eaten by them. But, don't get too excited!! The semicolon is an amazing punctuation mark!! It was first used by the Italian printer, Aldus Manutius. In certain uses, the semicolon has the same strength as a period; however, it is not followed by a capital letter. (Obviously, this fact makes it a lot cooler.) There are three main uses: Make sure to never connect elements of unequal grammatical rank! This is a common mistake. Ex: Although the cow lived with many friendly cows; he did not like to associate with them. So, can you tell when a semicolon is used correctly? The crazy calf was jumping happily; when he broke his leg. NO! The phrases do not have equal grammatical rank; the first phrase is independent, while the second is dependent. Therefore, they cannot be joined with a semicolon. How about this: The cow named Billy mooed sadly; he just missed his dinner. YES, the semicolon is correctly used. A few last comments about semicolons... Mr. Vogel- has almost too many thoughts on this topic... they are under appreciated and under valued... and apparently "discriminated". Mr. Karsten- loves 'em... says Vogel doesn't actually know how to use them... and, semicolons are his 3rd favorite punctuation mark! Used correctly, a semicolon is a wonderful punctuation mark for anyone to use. a presentation by Laura, Christian, and Erica la fin!
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