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Dividing Decimals

No description

Ella Lewis

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Dividing Decimals

( It's just like Multiplying Decimals, but it's opposite) Topic 7
Dividing Decimals One Way you can do this is by rounding each number to the greatest place that has a non-
zero digit.
Ex: 269.95 divided by 23 can be
rounded to 300 divided by 20
= 15
Another Way you can do this is
by using compatible numbers
you can divide in your head.
Ex: 269.95 divided by 23 can
be rounded to 275 divided by
25 = 11 7-3
Estimation: Decimals
Divided by Whole Numbers Write the decimal point in the quotient
directly above the decimal point
in the dividend.
Then you divide the decimal the same
way you would divide a whole number

Ex: 42.45 divided by 3 = 14.15 7-2
Dividing a Decimal
by a Whole Number The quotient of a number divided by 10,100,or 1,000 is less than the number.
Moving the decimal point
in a number to the
left decreases the numbers
Since place-value is based on 10, dividing by 10,100,or 1,000 gives the same result as moving the decimal point 1,2,or 3 places.

Ex: 12.5 divided by 10 = 1.25
12.5 divided by 100 = 0.125
12.5 divided by 1,000 = 0.0125 7-1
Dividing Decimals by
10,100,or 1,000 7-4
Dividing a Decimal
by a Decimal Multiply the divisor by a
power of 10 to make it a
whole number. Ex: 0.84 x 100 = 84
Multiply the dividend by
the same power of 10. Ex: 3.99 x 100 = 399
Place the decimal point in the quotient. Divide as you would with whole numbers. So, 3.99 divided by 0.84 = 4.75 Presentation
Ella Quick Quiz What is 16.4 divided by 10 1.64 16.4 divided by 10
16.4 move 1 place to the left because
it has 1 zero in the 10. So the answer is: The quotient should be LESS than the
dividend. 27.5 divided by 100
Move the decimal 2 places to the left. What is 27.5 divided by 100? 0.275
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