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Sprint/Nextel Wireless

Proposal for Michael Scott, Sales Manager of Dunder Mifflin Paper

Ryan Macalintal

on 29 November 2010

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Transcript of Sprint/Nextel Wireless

Why Dunder Mifflin Paper Should Pick Sprint Wireless ! Objective of proprosal Educate Manager Michael Scott
Discuss in detail Wireless Plans from all companys
Introduce our new "flashy" phones
4G, why its bettter than 3G AT&T Wireless Business Talk Plan AT&T Smartphones T-Mobile Enterprise 10 Plan T-Mobile Smartphones Verizon Wireless Small Business Share Plan Verizon Smartphones Sprint Sprint Smart phones
4 G Network! Final Notes:
Most Reliable 3G Coverage! (PC World)
Most Improved Customer Service last two years! (American Customer Satisfaction Index)
New 4G SmartPhones!
Only require one year contracts, while other carries must be a two year plan
Sprints night talk starts two hours before most other wireless carries Opening Statement...
Sprint just recorded its best quarter in five years, netting 111,000 new subscribers! Services 43 markets and approximately 51 million people! http://prezi.com/presentation/ram5132@psu.edu/puvd3m4/ Total per month....$1229. 86 without tax
7500 Mins., unlimited internet and texting total $1089.99 per month
7500 mins, umlimited internet and messaging 4g up to 10x faster than 3g!! total $829.97 per month, 8,100 pooled mins., unlimited internet and messaging we can comfortably say that the EVO 4G is the best Android phone out there right now HTC Hero voted "best smartphone"
About.com 2010 Readers Award! Crunching Numbers...
At&t $1229.......would save $399.03 per month...$4788.36 a year!!
T-Mobile $1100.....would save $270.03 per month.$3240.36a year!
Verizon $1098.......would save $268.03 per month. $3216.36 a year!
Sprint $829.97 10,000 shared mins., unlimited internet and messaging $1,100 per month!
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