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Extraterrestre life ?

No description

Brouchon Gabriel

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Extraterrestre life ?

A question of probability
Extraterrestrial life ?
Extrawhat ?
Some inadmissible proof
Radio telescope
Light signals (visible like lazer or not like gamma ray)
Telescope detection
Study life outside of the terrestrial environment
Golden age of science-fiction -> 40's
Popularization of the alien phenomen
Comics ->
Movie ->
Mind ... ->
In 1961 appeared the first story of abduction by alien with Betty and Barney Hill in the USA

Claude Vorilhon (1973)
Travis Walton (1975)
Whitley Strieber (1988)
Capt and be capt ...
Pioneer plate
NASA send the song "Across the universe" by the Beatles. The message should arrived in about 430 years near to the polar star.
Inadmissible proof
UFO observation
UFO = Undentified flyng object
Flying objet
Crop circles
About 10 000 have been listed around the world in the last 30 years.
Specific characteristic:
The rods are not cut or broken, they are folded and plait in a spiral movement.
The rods show an exposition to a strong heat like a micro wave ray.
Analysis reveal the presence of 10 rare radio element in the crop and little balls of pure iron.
A probability questions
The milky way galaxy has 100 Billions of exoplanets whose 17 billions could be similar to our earth and so could be able to host life.
Nowadays, only 2 300 exoplanets as been discover and only a few looks like the earth.
The Drake equation
In 1961, Frank Drake proposed an equation witch can estimate how many intelligent extraterrestrial civilization could exist.
Drake proposed the formula :
If they exist, what do they look like ?
Should we take contact ?
If they don't exist, why are we alone in the universe ?
Why the hearth ?
Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, The first director of the CIA.
Stephen Hawking, an English theoretical physicist and cosmologist.
Thank you !
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