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Cold War PREZI

No description

Tate Ottenstein

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Cold War PREZI

Cold War Prezi By Tate Ottenstein (period 6) Who? What? When? Brezhnev (the guy with crazy awesome eyebrows)
18 year Soviet leader
Lived from 1906-82
Born in Ukraine The Brehznev Doctrine was created in favor of the Czechoslavakia invasion happening and stated the Soviet Union could control any one of the bloc nations domestic affairs if communism were threatened.
The "Brezhnev Stagnation" was the era in which he controlled Russia. It was a time in Russia with extreme poverty, a terrible economy, and a low standard of living. This is because Brezhnev chose to put money into invading Afghanistan and other countries instead of helping his own people. The Brezhnev Doctrine was created in 1968
President from 1977-82
How? The Brehznev Doctrine caused many protests
He caused tension to grow between China and the Soviet Union
Looked back on poorly
Ruined the Soviet ecomony Where? Why? The Brezhnev Doctrine was first created because of Czechlavakia beginning to rebel. It started here, but tighted the Soviet grip on all of the bloc countries. Brezhnev destroyed the economy all across easter Europe and Western Asia with his extreme military spending.
500,000 troops invaded the tiny country of Czechoslavakiauner the Brezhnev Doctrine
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