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DNA and Genetics

full unit from DNA to molecular genetics, history and contemporary implications

Bonnie Nieves

on 17 February 2017

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Transcript of DNA and Genetics

Chromosomes are made-up of DNA
What do you know about DNA?
Why does DNA need to be read?
It begins to unravel
So that the nucleic acids
can be
Nucleic acids are made-up of nucleotides.
What phase of
the cell cycle
is this?
The Secondary Structure Of DNA
Twisted Ladder, Double Helix
James Watson and Francis Crick
1953 in England
The Work of
Rosalind Franklin made this
Now, Let's build some DNA!
This is the central dogma of biology.
How does DNA make RNA
that can leave the nucleus?
This is where genetic information is stored.
Genes are portions of chromosomes
The gene for deafness is RIGHT HERE
But... DNA cannot leave the nucleus.
How does it get the message to the rest of the cell?
It uses a messenger

What differences do you see?
It's cooler than magic,
The process is called
And it only has one strand
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