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Four Reasons Why you Should let me get my Nose Peirced : )

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Jessica Holzinger

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Four Reasons Why you Should let me get my Nose Peirced : )

It's not trashy
I know what you're thinking. But it's actually not as bad as you think. You think all piercings are bad because the people you think of have multiple piercings who dont have a very good sense of self. And don't know where they're going in life. I'm happy to say i am dedicated to being a doctor or a nurse (don't know yet) and I will never waste my life away because i know better than that. I have respectable grades, and manners. I'm not rude and don't think I've ever heard anyone call me trashy. If i had a nose piercing i don't think anyone's perspective would change of me, because I'm still the same person, with good manners and high expectations in myself.
I'm asking for a nose stud not a tattoo
I think you take it a little to personal when i ask for my nose pierced. I'm not gonna automatically turn into a drug dealer that sells crack cocaine, at a corner in the south Shwa. No iI'm still going to hae the same self respect I have now. The reason I want one is because I think they're very cute :) you say i can do whatever i want when im older but then its not cute anymore. I want to be able to have it when its still acceptable and appropriate and i dont have a professional career. I'm asking for a simple nose stud. Not a snake above my butt crack. Whenevr i look up nose pierced on youtube little girls 11 and 12 even come up!
Theres Always a way to hide it. ; )
I know you probably wouldnt want Linda or jenny and Ryan to see it. Okay, we see them once every couple months, on that one day i can take it out... or if its not healed yet i can put a plastic one in a cover it with cover up and it will just look like a tiny zit. No biggie :)
I'll even pay for it.
I'll pay for the piercing, pay for the stuff to clean it and everything. I don't bother you to much about it, not to the point where you want to stab me in the neck. Just to the point where i can get my message across and show you how much i want this. I have been asking for a really long time now, and personally I think it's safe to say you should allow me to get one.. I wont even put a ring in it will always be a small stud. I'm planning on taking both my belly button ring and my ( maybe, HOPEFULLY nose ring) out at 20 because it's not cute anymore. You raised me well, I'm a good kid because of you. I make god choices. Now, all I ask is you allow someone to stab my nose with a needle and put a tiny piece of jewelry inside.
I'm a GOOD kid.
1. I have never smoked/ done drugs ever.
2. I'm not pregnant
3. I get good grades.
4. Sure I talk back sometimes but I always help you out
5. I treat you with respect unlike most teens who swear and say disrespectful/hurtful things to their parents
6. I have never nor will I ever get a piercing behind your back/ tattoo.
7. I actually don't plan on getting any tattoos they're just gross. Unless I'm older and it has a strong meaning.
8.Responsible enough to look after vivian
Four Reasons Why you Should let me get my Nose Pierced : )
That's a clear nose stud.
I love you MOM :)
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