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Czech Republic

No description

Michal Salinger

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Czech Republic

Czech Republic
The heart of Europe
Basic facts
Parliamentary republic
Established in 1993
Total area of 78 867 square km
Population of 10 505 485
Capital Prague
Official national symbols
Official national symbols
Official national symbols
Unofficial national symbols
1918 - 1938 First Czechoslovak Republic
1938 - 1945 Second Czechoslovak Republic
1945 - 1948 Third Czechoslovak Republic
1948 - 1989 "Czech Socialist Republic"
1990 - 1992 Czechoslovakia
1.1.1993 - Czech Republic

Nature - mountains
Orlické hory
Špindlerův mlýn
Famous people - Presidents
Václav Klaus
Miloš Zeman
Roman Šebrle
Tips for Trips - Prague
1 hour and 30 mins
Tips for Trips - Plzeň
4 hours
Tips for Trips - Kutná hora
1 hour and 30 mins
Tips for Trips - Adršpach
2 hours
Tips for Trips - Brno
2 hours and 30 mins
Famous people - Music
B: Nemáš cigaretu? (Do you have a cigarette?)
G: Nemám u sebe, ale nějaká by se našla v autě. (I haven‘t got it here, it‘s in my car)
G: Nechceš zajít? (but we can look for it in my car )

G: No, nevím, jestli to je nejlepší nápad, ale zajít můžeme.. (Hm, I‘m not sure if it‘s a good idea but we can…)
B: Máš krásné oči (You have such a beautiful eyes)
G: I ty jeden lichotníku… (Are you trying to flirt with me?)
B: Jseš celkem bledá, nechceš jít na vzduch? (Do you wanna go outside?)

WE just enjoy
this time every
Wednesday at
7 at J1

Summarizing video

Useful Czech phrases

Typical 4 Czechs

B: Promiň, to by se mému příteli asi moc nelíbilo.
(I‘m sorry but I have a boyfriend….)

How is it going on the Czech disco?

Events in this semestr


Typical Czech traditions,

Saint Nicolas - Mikuláš
Czech Christmas
Burning of witches
Name day

Czech Etiquette

Meeting and Greeting
Direct eye contact
The appropriate greeting for the time of day

Typical 4 Czechs

Theatre, Ballet,Opera
Black Humor
More than 2500 castles
Music festivals
Folk festivals
Wine cellar
Ball dancing

Society & Culture

The family is the centre of the social structure
Czechs are private people until they get to know you
They are distant and reserved Good friends
Czech people are polite
Pessimistic people

B: Čau kotě, máš se? (hey baby, how is it going?)
G: Ale jo, ujde to.. (Hm, not too bad..)
B: Nedáme drink? (Wanna have anything to drink?)
G: Promiň, dneska nepiju, řídím. (I‘m sorry, I‘m here by car.)
B: Tak aspoň džusíka? Chtěl bych Tě více poznat. (Well, what about some juice? I wanna
know you more… )

Useful Czech phrases

How are You ?.......................Jak se máš?
Thank You…………………………..Děkuji.
One beer please………………Jedno pivo, prosím.
Cheers !………………………………..Nazdraví !

Giving and Accepting Gifts
if you are invited to dinner, bring a gift to the host
Dining Etiquette
Arrive on time 
Remove your shoes
Expect to be treated with great honour and respect
Compliment the meal while you are eating
Do not eat noisily

Czech Etiquette

Pork, sauerkraut, dumplings
Knedlo, zelo, vepřo

Bramboráky – potato pancakes

Svíčková – sirloin with a cream sauce

Typical czech food

Karel Gott

Random czech chick who won Miss World

Jaromír Jágr

Václav Havel

Famous people





Hradec Králové
Tips in HK
restaurants - mexita, iltoro
gyms - filip, fitland, cns
hockey, football
plaveckej, flosna, aquacentrum
futurum, atrium
Future events
Survival weekend
Baby Balloon party
Social Erasmus week
who we are
what we do

National parks
National Parks
Boubín - premeval forest
Krkonoše - blue bell
České Švýcarsko
Full transcript