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The Fashion Cycle

The interaction of Fashion processes and the rate at which they start and finish

Alex Smith

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of The Fashion Cycle

1st sample
previous season review
show the buyers
fabric shows
fabric or yarn development
technical developments
communicate the collection to your customers
is it stock or for one season only?
how many samples?
how big is the budget?
Where shall we spend it?
What sold best?
What were the worst
Which Channel?
product development
or range building
factory sample or gold sample
first fit
show the industry
deliver the stock to DC
then distribute it to the stores
then sell!
trend analysis
Showroom sample
final fit sample
grade the original pattern
Fashion - Different things to Different People
Burberry A/W 2012
Burberry A/W 2012
McKelvey, K. & Munslow, J. (2008)
McKelvey, K. & Munslow, J. (2008)
McKelvey, K. & Munslow, J. (2008)
McKelvey, K. & Munslow, J. (2008)
WGSN: (14/01/11)
Raymond, M (2010)
Bennett Silks (2012)
Oeko Tex News (2012)
Ella Sharp (2012)
Ella Sharp (2009)
Premiere Vision 2012
Offsite Belle
Who is the Customer?
Know the customer + Market sector
What are their lifestyle? interests? budgets? What else do they spend money on? what clothes and end use will they want from you?
Critical Path - What are the timings for suppliers to place orders?
Cloth Production Brand labels
Visual Merchandising
Promotion and marketing
Social Media
Optimise sales
Place orders and space Monitor Critical path/deliveries
Which channel?
".shoppers who purchase across a range of channels and screens are the mist valuable to retailers , as their loyalty and spending power increase the more they engage with omnichannel businesses ....Some 31% of shoppers visit a store prior to making an online purchase, while 34% go online before buying in store. .."
Matthew Tobias Commercial Director EBAY
Omni Channel strategies driven by'super shoppers' Article by Ana Santi Page 11 Drapers Record printed edition March 01 2014

Is this still relevent?
What about Androgyny?
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