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The Niche of the penguin

No description

mikayla shackleton

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of The Niche of the penguin

The habitat
The emperor penguin lives on
icebergs in the middle of the
antarctic ocean.

Does the Emperor
penguin live alone or
in a group?
The emperor penguin lives in group. In a group or a colonie there is 20 penguins.
What the Emperor Penguin eats
The emperor penguin diet includes fish, krill (a shrimp like animal) and squid.
How much the emperor penguin eats in a year.
The emperor penguin eats approximately 1.5 million metric tons of krill, 115 million metric tons of fish and 3.5 million metric tons of squid each year.
Where the emperor penguin lives

The emperor penguin lives
in Antarctica (shown on the left). There is about 30 known colonies of emperor penguins and only 8 possible new colonies of emperor penguins.
How the Emperor Penguin
gets food

The Emperor penguin like all penguins dive for their food. With their streamlined body and non hollow bones it makes diving for fish possible.
The Niche Of The Emperor Penguin
By: Mikayla
What would happen if the Emperor Penguin went extinct?
The food chain would Over and under populate
Does the Emperor penguin live with any other animals?
The emperor penguin lives only with other
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