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cis394 prezi

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Nunya Biznass

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of cis394 prezi

Team Insiculous Team Members: all two of them Amber Jesse The McIntosh Law Firm The Business Been in business for over 30 years Practices: Small business of about 15 employees Located in Kansas City, Missouri Personal Injury Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice The Problem NO WEB PRESENCE! no website no facebook no linkedin no twitter NOTHING The Project Establish an online presence Website Facebook Twitter LinkedIn The Cost Using GoDaddy the domain name would be $2.99 a month We would charge a rate of $15 an hour Our projected cost was $303 Schedule/Plan Phase Look at the next Milestone Split the work 50-50 Charts, graphs, and budget = Amber Jesse = Website development Spring "break" Project Sponsor came to Phoenix for a week Held daily meetings Established a baseline for the website Began Execution Phase Quality Control Phone tag with project sponsor to get feedback or info The occasional e-mail with an attachment (depending) The Current Website The Desired Website So what happened? Project sponsor jumped the gun Used a yellowpages.com website instead of ours Yellow pages has their own website development teams They don't give the business owner an 'owners log-in' to update their own website! Other problems, issues, and conflicts The Great Laptop Crash of 2013 E3 College Competition Getting sick Transition Plan A We don't do anything and let the sponsor live with his decision to use the yellow pages site Transition Plan B Fire yellow pages Implement our design Update the website the 1st and 15th of every month Make Money Lessons Learned Don't let a corporation build your website Save often and back up your work Dropbox is awesome People like to party Be Insiculous Insiculous means insanely ridiculous The End
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