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The Darkest Minds

No description

Kade Hambel

on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of The Darkest Minds

The Darkest Minds
Kade Hambel
The Darkest Minds
Author: Alexandra Bracken
Other Books
Genre: Fiction/Dystopian
I thought this was the genre of the book because it is set in modern day America around North Carolina and Virginia. Even though it is set in our time it isn't because teens get sick with a disease that gives them super powers.
Authors Hook
The author hooked me by talking about Ruby getting locked in her garage by her parents on her tenth birthday, so i wanted to know what that was. It also talked about how she was one of the dangerous ones.
The protagonist in this novel is Ruby Daly. She is the protagonist because all she really wants is to keep her friends safe from the people hunting them down. She develops throughout the story because in the beginning she didn't trust anyone and had no control over her powers, but as time goes on she learns to trust more and how to use her powers.
The antagonists in the book are adults and the PSF. All the adults think the kids powers are evil, so they send kids away to special camps where they're categorized into colors based on their powers, (Red: Fire, Orange:Mind Control, Yellow: Electric,
Green: Intelligence, Blue: Telekinesis) where they're monitored by the PSFs who don't care at all for them and treat them like dirt.
The introduction of the book is set in Thurmond, the camp for the children. Then Ruby escapes and finds a group of people Liam, Zu, and Chubs who help her find the East River camp so she could find a way to master her abilities. The main conflict is something at East river doesn't seem right when they get there.
One theme that this book has is trust. In the beginning of the book Ruby doesn't trust anyone and shuts everyone out. As the book goes on she learn to trust more people
I would recommend this book if you like sci-fi or anything to do with super powers
Other books in the series are

Never Fade
In the After Light
There are also a couple of online books
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