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Unit 202 Introduction to Food Safety in the kitchen

No description

Danny Davies

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of Unit 202 Introduction to Food Safety in the kitchen

Unit 202
Introduction to Food Safety
in the Kitchen

Complete the questions, extra marks given for correct spelling.

Re-cap Quiz from last weeks lesson
Topics to cover
Research pest control
How clean are your hands?
Homework - Interactive website
Outcomes of the lesson
Individual research - Jot your findings down on paper or on a word document.

What are seen as pests within the kitchen?
Define vermin?
How do we identify if we have a pest infestation? Use pictures to illustrate your answer.
Who would you report to when observing signs of infestation?
How do we prevent pest infestation?

Hand washing
Practical activity

Importance of thorough hand washing and general cleanliness.
Outcomes of the lesson
What have you learned today?

Jot down three (different) questions to ask your neighbour and see who can answer the most correctly........

October Half Term
Safer food better business link to interactive website
1. Select a language
2. Select Catering
3. Select Staff
4. Increase Sound
5. Play all
Work through to be tested on first session back
The start.....

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